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Rehabilitation amount

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Rehabilitation amount

How do I calculate what is a fair amount for rehabiliation amount before I call the CA? I have looked into the discretionary income formula but is that amount during rehab or for after I rehab my loans.  I make pretty good money, 6 figures, but my monthly expenses are a lot. I'm not spending/buying material things.  I pay for my oldest sons college tuition, younger sons private school tuition and the rest of my normal bills: rent, utilities etc.  My wife does not currently work as she just graduated and is studying to take her boards. 


I have 4 loans that range from $5-$9k, 2 loans that are~$2300k and 5 small loans $264-$726


I know that I need to rehab each loan indiviually.  But for rehab would I only offer to pay $2 ea for the smaller loans and up to $25 for the larger amounts or will the CA calculate what I need to pay for rehab. I can pay the smaller loans off but I also want to rehab them so that the default falls off my CR.


Is it also true that if I make a "good faith" payment that it needs to be less than the actual rehab amount to qualify for the 1st of 9 on-time payments?

Any advise would help...Thanks

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