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Rehabilitation & CAIVRS

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Rehabilitation & CAIVRS

JUst a little info I learned and passing on.....

Once you complete your Rehab Agreement you can call and ask for a supervisor so you can be taken out of the CAIVRS Database. They will give you a confirmation number. Although the new status for the collection to be removed from credit reports will not happen until 30-45 days from the date the account CLOSED, the deletion from CAIVRS happens immediately.

CAIVRS is important if you are trying to obtain a FHA loan or any other Government-backed mortgage. 

*** if you have DEFAULTED student loans or Student Loans in DEFAULT Status you cannot enter into these types of mortgage programs


(I am not 100% positive but I believe you can also get notification from CAIVRS that you are in a Rehabilitation Agreement while you are still completing the process)


Sorry if this info has been shared before!

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Re: Rehabilitation & CAIVRS

Thank you for sharing this information!  It's good to know.

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