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Retroactive forbearance on closed student loans?

Retroactive forbearance on closed student loans?

This has probably been asked several times, I just haven't seen anything specifically about this situation...I have several 90-120 lates on my credit report from a multitude of fed. student loan accounts(why can't we have just one instead of a dozen?!). They are currently in forbearance and I would have qualified for forbearance at the time they were late. Since then, they were taken over by another servicer(from Nelnet to Navient). My question is: can I request retroactive forbearance on those closed loans that have been taken over by another servicer? Or am I out of luck?
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Re: Retroactive forbearance on closed student loans?

I have no idea the answer to your question but I can definitely understand how frustrating it would be! My loans were with Nelnet for a while and I found the CSRs to be quite helpful. I would gather all of your supporting documentation and give them a call.


Sorry I couldn't me more helpful!

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Re: Retroactive forbearance on closed student loans?



You and I share the same previous student loan servicer: NelNet.


As you know, NelNet is a hard nut to crack when it comes to retroactive

forebearance and goodwill requests. They have two (2) very strict criteria:

1) you had to be enrolled as a student at the time, and/or 2) you were on

active military duty. If you fall outside these criteria, they refuse to budge.


I know, I know. It's VERY frustrating! In my case, I was in a gap year between

my bachelors and masters. While evaluating masters programs, I lost track

of my student loans and didn't pay attention to them. As a result, I got 5

months behind on my loans. And like you, I thought I had one loan with

NelNet. But as it turned out, I had 6! So I had 6 different 150 day lates

dragging down my scores. I worked out a repayment program with NelNet,

and my scores skyrocketed over 90 points by doing so because all the loans

started reporting as paid as agreed. But unfortunately to this day, NelNet still

refuses to remove/forgive/goodwill/retroactively forebear my 150 day lates.


So I took some really good advice from a student loan specialist here in the

MyFICO forum and consolidated my loans with Great Lakes. If you do a search

in the forums, you'll find that Great Lakes has an exemplary track record of

granting GW requests and retroactive forebearances to their customers.

And the best thing about consolidation is that the loans will report as

"Paid in Full by Consolidation" to all 3 CBs. So my scores will rise again.

What I'm not sure of is if NelNet will retroactively forebear my lates

once the loans are paid off. If past is prologue, then the answer is No.


So Yes, I'm sort of in the same boat as you. And even if you and I both

move forward exactly as things stand with our loans, there's still no

guarantee that NelNet will grant a retroactive forebearance on our lates.

What I'm saying to you may or may not help you solve your problem.

But I want you to know that I know exactly how you feel.

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