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SL Rehab Payments

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Re: SL Rehab Payments

I advise you to change your payment date to the middle of the month.  I was told that if you select that end of the month and if for whatever the reason your payment bounces then the rehab prgm will be terminated.  If you select the middle of the month that gives you more time to pay it.  My bank pays everything off anyway even if I don't have funds but I know some banks return payments.

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Re: SL Rehab Payments

We haven't set up the payments yet. Still waiting for his credit union to set up online banking and still waiting for his employer to get his direct deposit sorted out. I don't know if im really that impatient or if this stuff is taking way longer than i remember.

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Re: SL Rehab Payments

be very patient, ask everyone here if all the steps you are taking is making sense.


Your patience will be tested. I also have a student loan chargeoff on my credit report. Am very interested in learning if you read anywhere stating chargeoff on your report


it should say "Account Charged off $ xxxx.xx written off ; $122 past due as of June 2014.


I would so much love to know and understand what it will take to Re-hab whether or not it can be re-habbed.



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