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Sallie Mae - Interest Scam? Hidden ways to pay? WTH?

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Sallie Mae - Interest Scam? Hidden ways to pay? WTH?

I have a consolidated loan with them (2). They are put together in a group. 1-001 ($16,0000) and 1-002 ($9990).  I want to make a $10,000 payment but only want it to go towards loan #002, hence eliminating it and saving myself some interest $$ in the process. 


So I sit down at my desktop CPU and go to the website. There is no way to do it. Trust me, I looked for literally hours. I have the option to make 1 payment that THEY will decide how to allocate. So I'm like WTH? 


Next step, I call them. Guy on the phone tells me the same thing, we can't only take payment for the 2nd loan, we have to allocate the payment between them both. I ask to speak with a manager, basically gets rude, tells me the same story. 


At this point, I've made no payment. 


About a week later, I had to check something from their site on my cell phone. Obviously, from my cell I was taken to the "mobile version" of the SM website. I get the # I need, but for craps and laughs I click on the payment link. Well..knock me over with a feather, on the mobile version of the site, YOU can split any payment how you wish between the seperate loans!!!!!

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Re: Sallie Mae - Interest Scam? Hidden ways to pay? WTH?

No surprise to read your story. I heard similar complaints about Sallie Mae. They make things difficult for you. So glad I don't have loans with them. I'd be scared. 

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Re: Sallie Mae - Interest Scam? Hidden ways to pay? WTH?

When I started repayment, I had multiple loans in my consolidation with Sallie Mae.  I was able to easily extra payments (any amount over the minimum currently due) through their website.  Given that you were able to find the option on the mobile site, I wonder if the issue was with the browser you were using on your computer?  Not that a company like Sallie Mae shouldn't have a better website, but maybe it only plays nicely with Internet Explorer, or certain versions of other browsers.  They wouldn't be the first company to have that problem.

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