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Sallie Mae - Piloting loan for $90k questions

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Sallie Mae - Piloting loan for $90k questions

Hey all.


I'm interested in flight school and becoming a professional pilot. Currently working for FedEx Express, and am interested in working for FXE as an airline transport pilot. I know it's not the easiest job to get into because they're a legacy carrier, but with my history of employ at FedEx, it definitely gives a positive direction with their Purple Runways program. The goal is to get into a FedEx feeder after my hours are satisfied.


Anyway, my wife and I are looking at financing my flight school. Right now the options are Meritize and Sallie Mae through a couple of the different flight schools offered out here. My current credit info looks like this:


798 Eq, 794 Tu, 797 Ex F8

789, 781, 781 F9


14% Util on 6 accounts, 99,000 total credit limits

One card with 68% util (Discover), $6487/$9500

1 inq in the past year, was for a mortgage-related thing


Zero derogs


Honestly I think that my credit is in pretty good shape, and I'm wondering if I would be able to pull a successful loan for $90k to go to school. Apparently they give it out in quarterly disbursements to the school so it's not a lump sum to them all at once, which makes me feel a bit better. I'd be doing the $90k loan through Sallie Mae.


I am open to your guys' experience. Also note that none of the programs I am going through will accept a federal loan such as FASFA or anything, which is disappointing. I have the option to pursue one of the flight schools through a local community college and I'll be getting information on that tonight with a Zoom meeting. NOTE: I WILL NOT BE PULLING CREDIT FOR THIS UNTIL I HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION!


Thanks all o/

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