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Sallie Mae Retroactive Forbearance


Sallie Mae Retroactive Forbearance

I recently applied  (less than 2 days ago) online for voluntary forbearance on a PLUS loan that was getting ready to default.  The loan was listed multple 180+ late on the CRAs.  I havent received a response from Sallie Mae, but I just logged on to check the status.  Much to my suprise, the loan is showing in Vol Forbearance status with a start date of 6/25/2012, $0 past due and a payment due of approximately $20 for fees on 7/25/2013.  

The forbearance agreement from Sallie Mae was posted online with the begin/end dates of the forbearance 6/25/2012 to 6/24/2013.

Has anyone else had the experience of requesting a forbearance and having it applied retroactively w/o requesting it?  Also, does this mean the delinquecies reported to the CRAs will or can be removed?  

Needles to say, I am very pleased to be in a current status and I will be able to begin payments on the 7/25/2013 date for the scheduled payment amount.  


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