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Sallie Mae goodwill fail

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Sallie Mae goodwill fail

I sent an email to sallie Mae yesterday (pm if u need email) and they called me back today. I spoke to the lady she was very nice and sympathized with my situation but she said that they are legally obligated to have the late payments on there. We also talked about How I am doing the rehab thru grc and that I might see a score boost when they change the status of the account from 120 past due to whatever (I think it's paid as agreed.) I know it's probably a ymmv type of thing but how many points do you think I could get?
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Re: Sallie Mae goodwill fail

Would you mind pm'ing me that email address?  I know Sallie Mae is extremely difficult to GW but I might as well give it a shot!  Thank you in advance Smiley Happy

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