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Sallie Mae vs Unemployment

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Sallie Mae vs Unemployment

I am in the process of paying my Sallie Mae Signature Student loan from several years ago. I have about 35k owed to them (includes interest and stuff). I am in a predicament, however. I recently lost my job and haven't found a new job to supplement yet. I don't see any options on their website for unemployment deferment for private student loans. Does anyone have experience with this? I am working very hard to get my credit score repaired from years ago and am afraid my unemployment is going to destroy what I've been building. I'm just really scared... Bills this month are leaving me in the negatives and that doesn't include food for myself.

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Re: Sallie Mae vs Unemployment

Welcome to the forums!  Smiley Happy  I'm sorry it's not under better circumstances, though.


Have you contacted them at all?  I don't know much about private student loans, so my advice would be to go straight to the source & ask them what your options are.  I know private student loans rarely have the same repayment & hardship options that federal student loans have, so I would act on this ASAP.

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