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School reported as late and I'm not!

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School reported as late and I'm not!

Hi all, 


My BK was discharged in Nov of 2016 and last month I got my first statement from my school that the entire loan was due in full on 7/1/2017. So I scraped the money together and made the payment. I check my CCT today and my Experian dropped 13 points and says I have 1 late from JUNE for this loan. I have literal steam coming out of my ears. I checked the online portal and prior to this statement the last one generated was back in 2014. There was no statement in June. 


What should I do?


The bursar department is comprised of extemely difficult people. I'm thinking I should first dispute with Ex. 

BK Discharged 11/2016
Starting Jan2017: Ex 570 Tu 577 Eq 552
Current: Jun2017 Ex 667 Tu 640 Eq 642

Goal: 700s across the board by Nov2017
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