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Serious problem

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Serious problem

Ok I have a lot of student loans that are reporting negative information on my credit report. Now I admitt it's my own fault for not handling my situation sooner. But I have 3 that's in default which I'm about to make my 10th consecutive payment at the end of Feb and 30 to 45 days after that I should have that information removed from my credit report. But there's a lot more. Several of them were closed/transferred to another business. I am currently on time with my student loans and I was wondering if there's a way I can get the negative information off or will it forever be there? Even though I'm currently on time with my payments? Help! That's the biggest issue on my credit report!

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Re: Serious problem

If the loans are not in default, you have two options for removing negative information.  You can either wait it out, negatives are removed after 7 years -or- you can write goodwill letters to the lenders reporting the negative information explaining your situation and asking them to adjust the reporting.  There are mixed results with GW letters, but a number of people have had great success with them, so its certainly worth a try.


If you poke around these forums, you can find templates, personal experiences, and maybe even suggestions on who specifically to address your letter to.

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