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Some CRAs reporting SL payments months behind?


Some CRAs reporting SL payments months behind?

I started rebuilding in November. I had a history of a ton of student loan lates (Nelnet) with the most recent two 180-day lates on two different accounts in October 2012. Obviously the sooner I can create some distance from these lates the better I'll be. However, Experian has since reported 4 on-time payments (Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb). For Equifax, it shows only one on time payment for November. On my Transunion report it shows on-time payments for November and December. It doesn't show any new lates on these accounts, they just aren't updated beyond these dates.


So are some credit unions just slower to report? Or is it Nelnet? I just feel like this is slowing down my rebuilding. Since gws haven't worked out, 4 months in the past would seem a lot better than just one month. So whose reporting is this? Nothing I can do to get more recent reporting? Thanks!

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Re: Some CRAs reporting SL payments months behind?

It could be NelNet or even the CRAs. I believe you should correct this by disputing the inaccuracy of the TL with the CRAs comitting the particular error.

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