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Student Loan Disability Discharge

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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

I have been keeping up with your posts. Thank you, you have been very helpful! =D

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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

No problem coolturtle and thanks to you as well.

Over a period of about six months, I've been scouring the internet for answers to the questions that I first posted. Considering our situations are a minority in the credit universe, I figured I'd start the trend by posting the events of my situation and sharing it with anyone that's been in my shoes. I didn't know what to expect when I started posting and dealing with the previous issues but fortunately, it's been a positive experience.


It's good to hear that you're progressing as well.

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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

Hey guys,


            Well it's finally done. Experian took their sweet time but nonetheless, it's over. Got those pesky derogatory remarks and those deadweight tradelines off of all my credit reports. It's been a journey but I'm glad it has come to an end in that chapter. All that's left are the positive "Paid as agreed" Nelnet loans and the one thorn in my CR's side... a Midland Funding "paid collection" that was originally derived from T-Mobile in 1/2010. I'll leave that matter to another forum. So for all those that have followed my blogs, I hope it has pointed you in some direction to credit-stability and possibly give you ideas on new ways of solving any related matters to mine. If you have any info to share, no matter how seemingly insignificant, please do share. All I had was a single sliver of light in the darkness to help me get to where I am now. Taking the road less traveled in my minor situation within the world of those looking for credit resolution has opened a door that hasn't been available to me before (I do give great amounts of credit to the similarly created blogs and the insight they've given me).


            At this point, I've acquired all my updated CRs with the most updated information plus my credit scores. I've gone to my local bank (Capital One) on 3/13 and with faith in mind and the numbers in the "system", I applied for my first credit card.....ever. I have a good rapport with my bank representative and proceeded with the process. She already had my information since I was a long time patron there and we discussed the options of what CC would suit me best while remaining within my credit/financial boundaries. The "QuicksilverOne" card was the first to be pre-qualified for me along with two others, "Platinum" and "Classic Platinum". I opted for the "Platinum" because of the low annual fee but sacrificing the lower APR of the "Classic Platinum". Plus, I just wanted an in to the credit system, not attempting to go straight to the V.I.P. section while barely getting by the two-drink minimum, so I kept my sights at mid-range. So she entered me into the bank system and asked those words that made the hairs on my neck stand up: "Do you give me permission to apply for the CC chosen?". I casually responded yes and waited for what seemed like the longest 30 seconds I've ever experienced in my life, all the while contemplating the possible credit-related plans that I would set in motion depending on the approval or denial of my application. As I was caught up with my thoughts in an ADHD moment, I caught her smile in my peripheral vision and she informed me that I was approved with a CL of $2500! I felt like I won the lottery for a few moments but realized the postion I was in at that moment. I thanked her like she gave me the golden ticket to the positive credit factory. From that day and the weekend that followed, I felt absolution from my seemingly financial hell that I've created for myself all those years, even though I was indirectly responsible for those occurances. 


               I now held the power to start the process of building my credit to optimum levels using methods I've researched at the same time I started posting to this blog. I'm now starting a new journey and being careful not to haphazardly fall into those financial pitfalls and sticking to the plan: Spend low, pay the balance in full a week before the due date, and keeping my will strong to not make impulse purchases. Six months later after resposible payments, ask for an increase. Also, the one thing to not do is acquire too many CCs over a short amount of time and the one thing to do is to call that number to opt-out of being contacted my mail or e-mail for the so-called "Pre-qualified" offers for other CCs. They should replace that deceiving phrase, "Pre-qualified" to "Your credit scores meet our standards but your CR might deny you our original offer solely on a single red flag....but please do try again a.s.a.p - we appreciate your business" Smiley Frustrated


               Well that's all folks. It's been a pleasure and Good Luck to all those who are fighting the good fight. Don't give up and make your own fate. Signing off for now.







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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

Thank you so much sandman for the great information. I am in the similar situation with Nelnet you were in. Discharged approved on 2/11/2014 and wiating for removel.

I have come a long way with the great informations in this forum from people like you. Good luck and thanks again


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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

Awesome! aw awesome! Unfortunately, those of us who had our TPD due to military disabilty, get the shaft. We don't have the three year monitoring period so our loans never get turned over to NELNET. So citizens bank, my original lender, is still able to report all my  30-60-90s. Aes removed theirs and just changed the status to closed, settlement accepted, which I am fine with. 

 Aes is the servicer of the loan. Now I just wish I could get citizens bank to remove the claim filed with government and the lates. They are all scheduled to fall off in may of 2015, but that doesn't help my mortgage search now. :-(

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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

Hi Sandman , I'm so happy for you!  I have a few questions.... We're your loans discharged due to VA (military )?  I read all of your post and the hoops that you had to jump through but was the step that worked for you contacting the CB?  Did you email,  submit a form,  call? Okay,  let's just put it this way,  with all that you have gone through, how would you do it if you had to do it again? 



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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

I wish you had known that too.  It's good for other veterans to know, so they can ask their doctor to fill out the TPD paperwork instead of sending in the 100% rating if they have negative entries in their CRs.

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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

Hey mzalex,

Thanks for the posting.

To answer your questions, I'm not in the military or VA. I'm a civilian with a total and permanent disability. Regarding contacting the Credit Bureaus, I directly reached them through their websites (used Google to find their respective websites). I found that disputing directly online to be a fairly easy process and user-friendly.

Hope that info helps you some. Good luck.

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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

I'm not sure having a TPD due to military disability means it has to continue to be reported to the bureaus after discharge. That sounds more like a lender's call.  I applied for TPD the beginning of August based on my 100% P&T VA award and NELNET is currently handling it.  On the other hand, my loans are with the Dept of Ed and not a private lender.


This is from the Dept of ED website:

What happens if my loan discharge is approved?

If you qualify for a complete discharge of your loan, you are no longer obligated to make loan payments. Depending on the type of loan discharge program for which you may be eligible, the U.S. Department of Education may be required to refund to you some or all of the payments you made on the loan. In addition, any adverse credit record related to a default might be deleted, and no tax refund offset or wage garnishment will take place to collect on the discharged loan. If the loan was in default, the discharge may erase the default status. If you have no other defaulted loans, you regain eligibility for federal student aid.


I'm still waiting on my to complete, but as soon as it's all done, I will update here on whether or not the statement above is accurate.  (and thank you Steve for all of your valuable efforts and information)

Chapter 7 Discharged & Closed Jan 2020
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Re: Student Loan Disability Discharge

interesting thread, i will definitely keep this in mind!

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