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Student Loan Rehabilitation (Expected credit score increase?)

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Re: Student Loan Rehabilitation (Expected credit score increase?)

Just want to say Hello and Thank you. Ive been lurking on the forums for a few months now, while working on my credit report, student loan default/rehab and have read a LOT of great advice on here that has helped me get to where I am currently. Ive posted the changes in my scores in my signature line, most of which was due to completing rehab and the score changes that have come with it. I completed rehab in June, Navient picked it up July 1, 2017, and they are currently reporting with original loan date, "pays as agreed" and no payment history. Fed Loan, who I was with when I defaulted, will not remove anything as of yet, though I am still working on it, so I have several "180 days late" that I am trying to get removed.


I was approved for an auto loan through Santander USA in April 2017, at a horrible interest rate of 20.7% ( not complaining, it was my own fault my credit was so bad), Im just glad they were able to help me. With my credit score changes however, I was able to refinance on July 27 2017 at a reasonable 5.7%. I also got 2 secured cards, one with Capitol One and one with Wells Fargo, both in May. Yesterday I was able to add an unsecured card with Capitol One Quicksilver with a starting CL of $300. Not a lot, but have to start somewhere, right?


Its a journey, but keep working on it and keep moving forward, you will get where you want to be!

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