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Student Loan Servicer Problem

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Student Loan Servicer Problem

Good afternoon,

I’m in a really tough situation and was curious if anybody might have some advice. I had some financial problems back in 2017 and called AES for forbearance. Over a four month period the representatives kept telling me that I had various types of forbearance available and that I should wait to make a payment because it would be covered by forbearance, and then behind the scenes (without telling me) they determined that I did not qualify for forbearance so they took no further action. Frustratingly, I followed their advice and did not make payments during the time period while I wait for my “forbearance”, only to find out after chasing them down that it would not happen. This happened four times. Now I have four “over 120 days late” notices on my record and my credit score ranked from the 700s to the 500s. I thought this would be a slam dunk with the credit agencies since I have transcripts from AES of all of our conversations and the misleading advice about forbearance is clear. However, I don’t seem to be having any luck with the credit agency dispute process so I hired something called Lexington Law, but I wasn’t sure if there was something else I can or should do, or if anybody has experienced this issue with forbearance before?

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