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Student Loan included in bankruptcy on my credit report, but not!

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Student Loan included in bankruptcy on my credit report, but not!

So I am a bit frustrated with Experian. I filed bankruptcy last year and it was discharged De 2011. I did NOT include my student loans and have been paying them faithfully forever. If you look at my report, Experian, it shows al payments in the green, but they listed my student loans under adverse accounts and the ref line states included in bankruptcy. I am trying to get that changed as an "account in good standing". What happened was at the beginning of the year after the bankruptcy was originally discharged, I pulled my reports and started making sure they were all updated according to the bankruptcy. Experian however still had items that had been discharged through the bankruptcy as not being updated. So when I called and spoke with a rep, she was so irritated with me for calling and refusing to let her blow me off when I know what was suppose to be updated and included, she changed EVERYTHING to included/discharged through bankruptcy...which my student loans were not. So I called and spoke with another rocket scientist at Experian the other day and explained the situation and she was less than helpful, but told me she would put in a dispute for me. I asked her why she couldn't just change the account to the positive section because she could see that I was making payments and they were all reported on time and never late..but of course she couldn't for whatever reason. So I let her and I just received my investigation results this morning and when I checked out the new info..I see craziness! First she disputed a lot more than the student loan. I have items that have been updated that had nothing wrong with them and the student loans were updated to paid/never late, but still listed under adverse accounts and still states included in bankruptcy. So I plan on calling AGAIN this morning, but before I do, is it worth it. As long as it is listed under adverse accounts, but reports paying on time does it hurt my credit score? Any thoughts? I don't want to call them unless I really have to even though it kills me to see it listed under that section. Any information would be appreciated. 

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Re: Student Loan included in bankruptcy on my credit report, but not!

I would definitely get this taking care of. when you call next time ask to speak to a supervisor what i don't understand is how or why would they even try to include student loans in bankruptcy. Student loans cannot be declared in bankruptcy at all.

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