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Student Loans Rehab'd and Consolidated

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Student Loans Rehab'd and Consolidated

Hi Everyone,


So about two years ago. I rehabbed my student loans because they defaulted when I was going through a rough patch in life. Only 2 of them weren't on there because my loans were all over the place. I fixed it after I rehabbed the others by consolidated all of them together. Which knocked out the collection on the 2 that I missed.


I am super thorough on my research and I know that when you rehab it takes care of the loans that are in collections. Which did happen. Great. 


Now the big issue! I have those baddies from when the student loans originally defaulted which was back in 2012 or 2013. When do those negative marks come off? Those actually account for 90% of my derogatory marks. I heard they do come off. I am just not certain as to when. 


I have 5 or 6 revolving/charge accounts. Which two are at 0% util. The others I used for various reason. Unfortunately (court/attorney fees) I had to use those other cards. So the balances on them are a bit higher. I do pay large amounts to them. To which my FICO 8 standard score has jumped up to about 620 with the exception of EQ: which is at 586 right now. I have two car loans, and as well as an installment loan. I have not had a late payment in over 3 years! I am proud of that because I used to be so horrible with that aspect. I have about 6 derogs that I am cleaning up. That actually used to be near 20+. So I have come a long way.


Any thoughts on the derogs on the student loans? They aren't in collections. Just the payment history from those is what I think is messing me up now.

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Re: Student Loans Rehab'd and Consolidated

It is my understanding that the lates will stay on the report for the 7 years but any other negative comments should be removed. Some people have successfully disputed with the cra's the derogs. 

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10/15 ~ EQ: 406; TU: 520
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