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Student Loans for Bad Credit! Co-Signer??


Student Loans for Bad Credit! Co-Signer??

I may have a possible co-signer, but we're not sure if her credit is good enough. My wifes credit is terrible. So thats not option. My credit is awful. I had to use my tax money for an emergency and I could not use it to pay down balances. Can you get private student loans with bad credit? I cannot take less that 18 credit hours. I am only concerned for the 2017-2018 academic year. If I do well this year I can get more academic awards and scholarships for the following two years. 


What type of credit is needed for a co-signer? What is the minimum credit score needed?


I would need help to pay for housing expenses, books, tuition overage, and possibly a laptop.


Estimated tuition overage - $813

Books - $500-$1000

Laptop- $1500

Utilities- $2300

Rent- $4000


Total $9613


The following year I wouldn't need one probably at all because my federal loan will be larger, I will not need a laptop. 

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Re: Student Loans for Bad Credit! Co-Signer??

Do you currently bank with and/or have a good relationship with a credit union that offeres private student loans?  That would be an option.  The only other option I can think of would be to check with Sallie Mae to see what type of help they may be able to offer for you.


Is there a workstudy program or anything you can use to cover your tuition and books, thus giving you back federal funding to cover some of your other education related expenses?  You may also want to check with the school to see if they cater to the working class adult where you may be able to work during the day and take classes at night to meet your education goals.

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