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Student Loans

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Student Loans

Back in 2003 I had just finished medical school and I was starting residency and with the transition of going from one part of life to another as well as moving I dropped the ball on deferring my student loans.  It was in March of 2003 and I lost track of things and I have a 90 day late mark against me.  I believe the SOL is 5 years for IL and 6 years for NY which would mean that they will stay on for another 6 months correct?  Also, is it even worth my time to send a Goodwill letter asking them to remove the mark.  I have since consolidated my loans so they are with another lender and have been since October of 2004.
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Re: Student Loans

AFAIK, lates remain on your CR, regardless of state residency, for 7 years.

From what I've read here, paid collections remain on your CRs in NY for 5 years.


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