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Student loan dilemma!

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Student loan dilemma!

I had a private loan through my University that I was making payments on , and as of recent , it has  been transferred to the federal government for servicing. The account had some missed payments on it, but since it's been transferred, it's now on my credit report twice, under two different names. I spoke to the original servicer, and they said I no longer make payments to them, and that I will make my payments to the government entity.


My question to you is, should I dispute the original account now, or do I let both of them report ? Or will the original account go away on it's own?  If I can no longer make payments to the orginal servicer , it shouldn't even be on my credit report, right ? It seems like the updated account doesn't have the past negligencies from the orginal servicer, which is a good thing.  How do I go about this ? Should I just leave it alone?

Experian: 626
Equifax: 596
Transunion: 628

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