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Student loan rehab help

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Student loan rehab help

Hello everyone! 


Here is my situation. I defaulted on my student loans a couple of years ago and now I have paid off all my other credit cards and everything is good that way. However, City transferred my loan to Sallie Maie, then Sallie transferred the loan to Dept of Ed. Well, I started the rehab in August and have 4 payments in. My 9th payment will be April 15th. I need to know what exactly happens after that. Dept of Ed told me after I complete my rehab, they will take the "in collections" out of my credit report, sell the loan to a new lender and make me current. I was just about to get a mortgage when Dept of Ed decided to report to Experian at the last minute and that dropped my from 602 to 579. I was gonna have a rapid rescore done to increase my 57 points when I paid a line of credit down. Well, the Dept of Ed thing wiped that out. So, I am hoping to hit 640 in April of May of 2013. My lender only cares about the Experian score. Can anyone speak from experiance as to how high your scores have shot up once the rehab was completed? That is the only negative stuff on my credit report. Everything else is good. I have 2 credit cards that have very low balances and are current and on time. All the other stuff that is paid off is good too. 
Thanks in advance for any input I can get!!! 

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