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Student loans discharged due to disability

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Student loans discharged due to disability

I have a question for those who have gone through the TPD process...


I applied for TPD based on my 100% VA disability rating on 9/11.  My application was approved on 10/12 and notification would be sent to Navient.  I expected the process to take approximately 120 days.  However, I received a letter from Navient today stating that they have discharged my loans.  I logged into my account only to find that all of my PRIVATE loans have disappeared, my autopayments have been canceled and my federal loans have been placed in forebearance still with the balance.  Is this a mistake?  Should I contact them Nelnet or Navient or just see what happens?  

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Re: Student loans discharged due to disability

You should be in forbearance whole the application is being processed.  So that's normal.  Sounds like it's moving along nicely.

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Re: Student loans discharged due to disability

The loans are in forebearance but to me it would seem that they should discharge the federal loans first and then the private but I guess as long as they are done I shouldn't complain!  

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Re: Student loans discharged due to disability

any one have any luck with discover private student loans getting discharged due to 100% VA disability?

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Re: Student loans discharged due to disability

So update - I called Discover student loans regarding my PRIVATE loans to see if they would consider a discharge based on my 100% disability.  They told me to send them my disability paperwork.  I did and they sent me a letter letting me know that they discharged my loans.  Fast forward to now...I just received a 1099c for the amount of discharge loan.  They also did not send me a 1098 for the amount of interest I paid up until october when they discharged my loans.  They also didn't send me a refund for any of the money I made in payments like I did with Navient.   Do you suggest I call Discover or just deal with it when filing my taxes?

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