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Sweet v cardona refund for paid loans

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Sweet v cardona refund for paid loans

We are expecting a refund for fully paid off federal loans of 40k and 100k. They are both automatic class registrations for the fraud carried out by brooks about accreditedation we had in writing which wasted half a decade of my life forcing me to go to school all over again with a useless non transferable degree. 

the case states it will be paid within one year of settlement date January 18, 2023... this is frustrating and I could really use the cash because I need to move some things logistically and purchase a forklift... my utilization soared because Amex has always treated me with zero trust and gave me credit line decreases of 80 percent down after I paid them in full... 


I can't find anything about loans based on approved federal settlements. Is there anything I can do?

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Re: Sweet v cardona refund for paid loans

First, am sorry that you got hosed by that school. Second, be thankful that you will be getting a refund on those balances you paid off.  Is Department of Education/Treasury going to be issuing thr refunds or will it be sent back through the servicer you paid off? The latter would seem like a headache and waste of time. With a current estimated date of refund payout that could happen as late as January 2024, I doubt this would impact your creditworthiness...


Who knows though... tax time usually there are some lenders that will advance refund and around times of national stimulus payments etc... If the settlement and refund/funding date gets confirmed, you might be able to find a lender to advance you part of your payout.  It sucks to know you've got a nice lump sum coming but you're just waiting for it... Good luck!!

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Re: Sweet v cardona refund for paid loans

I was told by the Federal Student Aid department the refund would come from the servicer.

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