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TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

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Re: Update on Application

Glad to help. 😉
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Re: Update on Application

Permanent Discharge today. So relieved now. How long does it usually take to be reported to credit bureau as paid in full?
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Re: Update on Application

Congratulations! It took about 30 days for the Zero Balance and Responsibility Terminated showed up on Experian. It did not affect my credit score whatsoever. Maybe for others, but not mine.
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Re: Update on Application

Thanks. That’s not too bad. I’m just glad the application process is over. I’m okay with the 30 days wait while it’s cleared from my credit report. This has been a process and I’m so thankful for the outcome.
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Re: Update on Application

Thanks for posting the timelines, folks. Helps those of us that check status updates daily to feel better about no changes on the websites.

Recently received 100% P&T dated back to 8/2018. Filed for discharge on 7/17/19 via emailing them P&T letter, application, and even my decision letter (wasn't sure what to include and that was before I found this forum). Now I know I didn't need to send them the decision letter.

Received a couple letters it's all under review, status on website also shows "Application Under Review" still. Based on NervousNelly's timeline (submitted application May 14 I think and just recently discharged in August), if approved, I can expect discharge/refund around November or December.

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