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TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

RickyC, Thank you for your service!  I know you're asking someone else, but I'll provide my info too (always good to have extra perspectives Smiley Happy  I just finished going through TDPD forgiveness process.  I have a Total Permanent Disability rating. I emailed to the nelnet email address my Benefits Summary Letter,  Benefit Verification Letter and the TPD application.  I recieved responses via email and mail that they received the application and were processing it.  A few days after emailing Nelnet, my student loan went into forbearance.  The process took 55 days until it was approved (I checked on their website for status update and shortly thereafter received an email and later a letter).  About 6 days after approval, I had a zero balance with my student loan lender (still waiting for them to report the new balance to the credit bureaus).  Two weeks after the loan discharge approval, I received funds towards payments I had made to the lender since my P&T effective date. One thing I didn't do, the Benefit Summary effective date was December 1, 2017 which wasn't the effective date of my P&T, it's the effective date of the last COLA change for disability pay.  A letter from Nelnet informed me if the effective date was different than Dec 2017, to send them proof.  I emailed them the first part of my last decision letter from the VA which showed the earlier effective date.  About a week later Nelnet approved and notified my lender.  Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

ArsenalGunner, thanks for the quick reply and also for your service. More info is always appreciated especially when trying to read through the VAs policy difficult to get through.

In reading more, even though I have a 100% rating, I do not have the P&T designation required. I guess my next course of action is to try to determine how I obtain that P&T to my rating. Any suggestions?
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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

Hi RickyC - Unfortunately I don't really know how that is determined or how to go about making it that way.  I've read in a forum that age and type(s) of disability and how they affect the quality of life and ability to find employment may be a factor for determination.  I got a lot of info from a forum called Veterans Benefits Network or VBN.  I've read some folks were granted discharge without P&T by just submitting their Benefit Verification Letter which is downloadable on eBenefits.  That letter doesn't say whether it's P&T or not, just the date of letter, effective date of disability, and 100%.  Whether true or not I can't say for sure.  I submitted both thr verification and summary letter because the summary letter does state P&T and I didn't want any decision delays Smiley Happy  My P&T came after an appeal process and I was quite surprised.  Hope this helps, be gld to answer and other questiosn.  Best of luck!

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

Hello, I was wondering if your VA paperwork indicated that you were unemployable? I was told that even if you were rated at 100% Totally and Permanent Disable due to service connected disabilities. Can you or anyone that has completed this process using the VA confirm this for me? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

You should be able to generate your Benefits Summary from ebenefits and it will automatically include whether you are T&P when ready to print. It will state whether you reconsidered T&P, as it will say Yes or No.

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

Ok, well I guess we will find out. I submitted my application on the 6th with my rating determination from the VA which shows a summary of disabilities and P&T or UI. I called Nelnet a few days later and the rep indicated that from what she’s seen that looks like it’s enough to get approved. Status changed to Under Review on 6/13. I’ll keep you guys up to date. Thanks again guys.
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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

Not sure if any of you were aware but you also get back any money that was paid after your affective date. So if after you got 100% from the VA you or the military on your behalf made any payments toward the discharged loans you will get that money back. I have an appeal and assuming I win I can submit the new affective date and get back like 4k.

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

Just an update, all the credit bureaus show a zero balance on my student loans!  However, this has had no affect on my FICO scores Smiley Sad FICO 8 scores remained the same.  I was hoping for a boost with my FICO mortgage (2,4,5) but nothing there either.  Or well, I'm certainly not complaining, we will call it an observation Smiley Happy

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

I keep thinking about getting on here and posting the same thing but I always get sidetracked. The same thing happened to me, I was so excited to get it removed I had 100k. When it came off not a darn thing happened to my score, the same thing just happened with Credit One bank. I got a charge off removed from Credit One and it didn't change my score at all. I read on here that sometimes you will see the change a little while down the road.

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Re: TPD Loan forgiveness with VA disability rating.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my dad’s process as all the reviews helped me trying to figure out when the process would be completed.

My dad and I completed his application and faxed it over to Nelnet.

The application was placed in the system.

The status changed to “pending final review”. The applicantion was sent to DOE for final approval.

In between this time, I called Nelnet every week to get clarification for the process (we were awaiting the discharge in order to close on a house so it was imperative that we check the website everyday).They are very scripted and tell you the same thing every time you call. They don’t have an exact time frame because they currently have an inflex of applications due to the new procedure with reaching out to veterans. They always state about 120 days.

Checked and seen “permanent discharge”.

As I read other reviews throughout the process, it took about 55-70 days for the complete process from start to finish.

Hope this helps with any ambiguity around this process.
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