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This year's student loans reported

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This year's student loans reported

I just pulled all three FICOs; this years loans have reported, giving me a red flag for the amount of accounts with balances.


My revolving utility dropped 2%, I have three cards reporting balances (of 16 that report, I have not yet used the Kohl's I got a few months ago, but will shortly, to keep it from being closed due to inactivity).


So, with these changes, my scores also changed. Up 1 point on TU, down 1 pt on EQ, up 10 pts on EX. Weird.


Two of the new student loans reporting are small unsubsidized ones, I should be able to pay one in full in January and the other over the course of a few months while the rest remain in deferrment. So, if I get these two paid, that drops the number of accounts reporting balances, and if I am able to consolidate the others, shouldn't that get my installment accounts carrying a balance down to one? My total student loan debt is around 21,400 and I will be taking my BSW in May.


I want the MSW, but more debt is scaring me off.

Scores 9/2008: TU-720, EQ-695, EX-678
Scores 10/08/08: TU-721, EQ - 694, EX - 688
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