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Transunion & Equifax -- showing different lates?

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Transunion & Equifax -- showing different lates?



I have lates on my student loans from 2012 (May thru august) and 2013 (March & April). On my Transunion report it shows all of these lates BUT on my Equifax report it is only showing the 2013 lates for March and April - all of 2012 is No Data.


Does anyone know why this might be? I'm pretty sure everything used to match and not sure why they are reported different now.


Some backround: I consolidated all of my loans in September of 2013 and have paid every month on time since then. They are now showing as 2 open consolidated loans, one private and one federal. These 2 loans have perfect payment history. The lates from above are from my student loans BEFORE I got them consolidated.


Thank you for any replies!

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Re: Transunion & Equifax -- showing different lates?

Generally speaking, strings of lates fall off after 7 years.  Long story short: student loan reporting is covered by the FCRA and the HEA which complicates/makes things different for student loans, but the CRAs usually just go ahead and delete derogatory data after 7 years.


The string of lates from 2013 should stay on the report, which could continue to supress your scores.

I'm actually surprised that the 2012 are still showing on Transunion.   You could dispute the older lates with them as being "too old to report".    


I'm not you, and I can't tell you it would go well, but I'd be disputing those lates.

I am still not you, but I'd also contact TU about early exclusion for the 2013 lates (Transunion does 6 month early EEs).

You mention TU and EQ - are you getting your reports from CreditKarma?
Do you know what your Experian report says?    You can get your report for free from, and they also have a $1/7day trial for all three reports if you want to acces all three reports (and get your FICO8s).

You could also get your consumer credit reports from - this is a federally mandated report that you get for free every year (from all three major CRAs).   This particular report lists your dates of first delinquency (known as DOFDs). Negative information is supposed to be removed after 7 years from the DOFD (again, HEA complicates things for student loans, but the CRAs generally follow the 7 year exclusion period, even for student loan data).

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Re: Transunion & Equifax -- showing different lates?

update - disputing the 2012 lates worked and looks like all of the ones from 2012 are off my transunion report now (checked my transunion report directly from their website).


Next I will be calling to see if they can remove the other 2013 lates 6 month early!


Thank you so much for the advice!!

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Re: Transunion & Equifax -- showing different lates?

What kind of lates (days) for 2013? If they are not the 30+ or 60+ it might be worth it to let it age off depending on your profile. They might just delete the old tradelines altogether.

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Re: Transunion & Equifax -- showing different lates?

They are 90 day lates. I filed for bankruptcy in July, finally had my 341 meeting so trying to help my score as much as possible. I still have the 2 consolidated loans which are in good standing and no late payments on my credit cards that were in the bankruptcy. And 1 paid off car loan (no lates), that was paid off last year.

I read through the bankruptcy forum and some people say to wait 6 months to apply for credit until your remarks from BK even out.

Do you think I should just let those fall off since I’ll be waiting anyway?
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