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UPDATE: new Pay As You Earn program.

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UPDATE: new Pay As You Earn program.

Hi all,


I just wanted to make sure everyone in the forum is aware of the new Federal loan repayment program available as of mid-December 2012 called the 'Pay As You Earn' program. This program is pretty similar to IBR only instead of 15% of discretionary income for 25 years, borrowers are now only required to pay 10% for 20 years. 


The info can be found here:


The lower rates are mainly available for recent grads, I think you had to have no loans issued before 2007, and you must have still been receiving loans in 2011. But it would certainly save one thousands of dollars over the life of repayment and end the debt 5 years sooner, so worth a look if you qualify and are on IBR. 

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