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Wachovia Loan from Spring 08

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Wachovia Loan from Spring 08

So we're dealing with a private student loan issue here. My husband obtained a 1250 Wachovia private student loan (cosigned by his grandmother who passed 2 weeks ago, bless her heart). He never made 1 payment and it fell into default in late 2008. Wells Fargo/ACS bought the loan and resold again or changed the name in 2009. It reports on his credit that he paid for nearly 5 years and defaulted in 2013. His grandmother is on a fixed income and didn't pay a dime on it. She never got garnished, he didn't either. They just charged the loan off. The balance now shows a charge off of 1677. It wont be removed until obviously 7 years from 2013. We have disputed this about 6 times in the past year. They have yet to remove this as it is reporting inaccurate. I have cleaned up most of our credit and he's currently in the 590's.


This is really hurting his score and we are at loss on what to do next. I really don't want to see the inside of a courtroom but I am willing to take someone to court to clean this up. The reporting of the student loan should have been up in late 2015 and should have been gone by now.


Before anyone says anything, this is not a loan through the government. I have checked just to make sure. It's 100% private and not through the Department of Education.

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Re: Wachovia Loan from Spring 08

Just make a complaint to the CFPB. Should be straightforward if it's been in default for over 7 years.

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