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Weird situation, wife's old student loans can't be located

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Weird situation, wife's old student loans can't be located

Hoping somebody can help here. My wife has/had some student loans that had defaulted years ago. And, the last few years, we've had our tax returns taken to offset the debts. However, we keep trying to find where these student loans are, with no luck. The NSLDS doesn't have any records. We've called the DoE/Student Loans federal (whatever it's called) customer service, and they couldn't find it.


They provided her a company name and a website, Debt Management Collection Systems, and they have no records either. So, somewhere, in some system, these loans exist, and are showing in default, since they are taking our tax returns.


The trouble is we can take time to try to locate these, and have them taken care of, but we are applying for a mortgage, and are concerned that we won't/can't be approved due to the loan defaults. And help would be appreciated.

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Re: Weird situation, wife's old student loans can't be located

This happened to me after BK discharge. I just kept calling the same places over and over til finally I got someone who knew something.
If they are federal loans they should be showing on the NSLDS even if in default, so they may be private loans. Does she have records of what banks the loans came from?? Calling the original creditor can help. If you do have the lender info, try searching for a phone number for their asset recovery. I had loans through citizens bank, and their student loan department had no record of my loans either, but I found a number for their asset recovery division and they had all my info.

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Re: Weird situation, wife's old student loans can't be located

Have you tried coming at it from the other side and asking the IRS exactly who they sent the money to?  The IRS has an off-set hotline that you can call that I believe will give you a name and an address for whoever is receiving your return.

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