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What happens after 9th rehab payment?

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Re: What happens after 9th rehab payment?

hahaha!! i take back everything bad i said about dept of ed.. i called and got through to cust service... lady was very nice(for a change) she said i made my 9 payments(i did?!) and now my account is being serviced by FedLoan Servicing

so... yay!!

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Re: What happens after 9th rehab payment?

Congrats! That must be such a relief for you!

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Re: What happens after 9th rehab payment?

We are on the same timeline, sasha. I made my last payments in May and fedloan is my servicer for one set of loans. I had to call dept of ed, too, to find out so I wouldn't miss a payment. Fedloan sent me a letter a week after my first payment was due.


Since I have multiple federal loans, I decided to consolidate them all with Great Lakes.


My defaulted loans are not on my report so I am curious to see if dept of ed and pheaa will report them as paid going back to when they were due or not ? That would be lovely. 

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Re: What happens after 9th rehab payment?

so sorry forgot to update! about a week or 2 after this phone call dept of ed removed my 3 120 day lates and i got a 9 point increase - i thought for sure id get more than that as theyd been on my reports for 20 years haha! but still yay!

fedloan has been great nice and helpful!

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Re: What happens after 9th rehab payment?

@Yuruke wrote:

@shoegal wrote:

Hi Sasha! My experience was that after the 9th month they moved my two student loans in default to a new lender so from ECMC to Navient. They lowered the APR and monthly payment but I didn’t owe much at that time and just paid in full once they were moved. They reported as current and when paid closed but marked as paid. They removed the derogatory information too. It was like getting a clean slate going through the loan rehabilitation. 


Your lender will will send you a letter with all of this information and where they’ll moved the loan if they do moved them. There might be a month or so where you don’t have to pay while the loans get moved and the new lender will send you a new due date too.

hi shoegal, just a quick question for you. Did the derogatory accounts get deleted from your reports after rehab? My rehab is set to be done this month and for some reason US Dept of Edu (or maybe the CRA?) deleted my derogatory accounts on TU & EQ already last month but they haven't been deleted on EX so I was just curious if finishing the rehab would get them to delete those accounts? Did they for you? 

Sorry for the delayed response. I never got a notification for this. They were deleted on all the credit reports for me but also for me it was slow on TU. It should delete in all of them, eventually.

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