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Where can I transfewr my PRIVATE SMAE ??

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Where can I transfewr my PRIVATE SMAE ??

Desperatly looking for a place to transfer my HUGE loans from SMAE, someone suggested Direct Loans, I didnt think this was possible, that they only help if its FEDERAL Loans. Desperate.
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Re: Where can I transfewr my PRIVATE SMAE ??

You can only consolidate federal loans with the Direct Loan program and I am assuming yours are private.


So many of the private lenders have left the private student loan lending industry, so consolidating your loan with another company can be difficult.  To achieve any benefit in consolidating your private loans,  your credit basically has to be better than  what it was when you borrowed to get any better interest rate. Also most lenders charge origination fees which can negate any  interest savings.

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