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Why was student loan removed from report?

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Why was student loan removed from report?

I paid off a private student loan maybe 2 years ago.   It was all paid on time except I had one 60 day mark on my report.


It was set to fall off early next year.   I disputed with only Experian a few weeks ago and have not heard any response.   However I opened Credit Karma today and it shows the account removed from my TU and EQ reports.  

Is that normal?  I was sort of hoping JUST the one late payment would be removed and the remaining, all-positive, history would remain?  

My scores on CK did go up 11 and 9 pts.  I paid off an auto lease which updated at the same time, so I'm not sure what the increase really reflects.




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Re: Why was student loan removed from report?

Tradelines are sometimes removed when they are under dispute, and once the investigation is complete they will pop back on with corrected information.

You say you disputed it - what was the basis of the dispute?  Is there a chance it was accurate and will be added to TU/EQ?

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