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Will consolidating SL clear late payments or dispute remarks?


Will consolidating SL clear late payments or dispute remarks?

I have two questions.  I have 8 separate SL accounts on my credit reports that are all showing  late payments, witht he last payment on 7\2019.  Will consolidating my studen loans clear late payments on the account?

Also, I disputed these account early last year (all of them were reprting different late dates). They have since been updated and fixed but they now show "dispute remarks" and I have tried endlessly over the past year to get the dispute remarks removed permanently.  They get deleted and come right back.  Will consolidating get rid of these remarks?


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Re: Will consolidating SL clear late payments or dispute remarks?

No, and no.


I'm assuming these are federal student loans.
Consolidation will merely close out the old tradelines and start you with a fresh one.  The old lates/comments/etc will remain.
The HEA requires reporting above and beyond what the FCRA does and requires that reporting as long as you owe on your student loans.   There's no way for you to get rid of those marks without just riding it out.

The best outside shot you would have is to pay off the tradelines entirely and then attempt a goodwill deletion of the tradeline *or* default and go through rehab (please don't do this).   But whether or not your lates are deleted after a rehab is entirely up to the servicer and varies quite a bit.

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