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Wish Me Luck - Retroactive Forbearance/Late/Credit Dispute

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Wish Me Luck - Retroactive Forbearance/Late/Credit Dispute

Hey everyone! This is my first post. I've finally taken the courage and first few steps to repair my credit. I used to have a score I was proud of (720 FICO) and things took a big hit after I ended a toxic 7 year relationship. I'm now in the 560's. I was depressed for quite some time and regrettably withdrew from lots of things, including maintanance of my loans and credit score. For the better part of a year I let my accounts go. It was kind of a dark time for me, but I've been taking steps to get back on track. Two months ago I paid off $6,500 in credit card debt after saving for what seemed like forever. And now, I'm tackling my student loans.

These forums have been so helpful and the positivity you guys give really gives me hope I can get back on track. I currently just read threads revolving retroactive forbearance and credit disputes with the credit bureaus. FedLoans (where most of my loans are) just sent me a residency forbearance form as I work in a clinical mental health residency/internship. They told me if I submitted that I'd get 12 months of retroactive forbearance which is EXACTLY what I need. My plan is to get it approved and send a dispute with the documentation from FedLoan to take the late payments off.

I also contacted NAVIENT and they put my current loans in forbearance, but they informed me a retroactive forbearance would need to be approved by someone higher up as the account is over a year with late payments (which I'm incredibly ashamed and embarrassed about -- I withdrew from everything!). I'm hoping they approve it so I can send it to dispute the credit bureaus.

I'm attempting to use Section 623(a)(b) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for the credit bureaus to "update" my report as my accounts would no longer be late and or delinquent.

Wish me luck through this process. I'm keeping my fingers crossed NAVIENT approves me. I'll keep everyone posted with NAVIENT sand the credit dispute process as I need all the support I can get.

Thanks everyone for the hope and motivation!
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Re: Wish Me Luck - Retroactive Forbearance/Late/Credit Dispute

Did you have any luck?

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Re: Wish Me Luck - Retroactive Forbearance/Late/Credit Dispute

I went through this about a year ago and if you succeed.... high-five. After a lot of research, phone calls, emails, and disputes, I was told that student loans are the exception to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and that they are not obligated to update credit reporting for late payments now under retro forebearance. Thier position is that the payments were late when the negative reporting occurred and essentially the only purpose of the retroactive forebearance is that the amount past due is no longer due.  I have heard some success stories, emphasize "some" much less the most or even half. In the future, if you don't want to or can't make your payments, call them or submit a forebearance to avoid the negative reporting. I haven't heard of a forebearance request being denied (knock on wood) so 5-10 minutes of time will avoid future frustration. Good luck! All the best.

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