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credit repair on late marks

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credit repair on late marks


Will the fresh start program remove the negative marks on my credit from my school loans? To add insult to injury, my loans weren't consolidated, so each negative is duplicated for every 'installment' not just 'once' against the full debt. Funny I don't make 10 payments ... nonetheless.... If I do the fresh start will it erase the negative marks, and I can then  consolidate and resume payment... yes??


This is the only ' bad' on my report.   Also, is anyone eligable for fresh start if they have 'bad marks' from school loans? 


thank you... this is all so confusing, appreciate your help!

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Re: credit repair on late marks

Yes, the "fresh start" program will eventually get all the lates removed and each loan brought up current. What you do with the loans after that is up to you. There are several success stories that have been posted by other members who have used the program. 

Last HP 08-07-2023

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