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how long till the damage / bleeding stops ?

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how long till the damage / bleeding stops ?

long story , but eons ago i defaulted on my student loans .... twice ... x) .  I've been religious on them and have brought them back into good standing, the public one's (x2) However they still show on my credit report as closed loans with 120 days late last dated 2011 december. How long until these  mistakes stop effecting my credit? they dont appear on the fako sell you credit card sites, but they do appear whenever i check my real reports. From my current understanding it takes 7 years to drop a bad item or it to stop effecting your credit. Student loans i hear can remain 10 years? The loan i rehabilitated has been paid and shows up green on a diffrent loan , but the defaulted one shows closed out december 2011. So Will it stop doing damage after december 2018 or is that a pipe dream ?






Ex 750 10/22/2013 Eq 651 11/09/2013 TU 721 12/9/2013

5/14/14 Equifax – 673 Experian – 744 Transunion – 722

already bought the house! closed with a great deal all thanks to information i learned here!
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Re: how long till the damage / bleeding stops ?

I think negative items drop at 7 yrs and 6 months.
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