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mortgages and private default student loans

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mortgages and private default student loans

Hi everyone. I spoke with a mortgage broker, and he told me he could work with me if work out a payment arrangement with my defaulted private student loans. I have two default loans. One of the loans will fall off my credit report in a year. If I were to work out an arrangement with that specific loan, will it reset my clock so to speak and put me in a worse position if I had just waited another year for it to fall off my report? And if it does fall off, and I decide to settle will that also put it back on my credit report? Is there a strategic way to go about this? I am planning on applying for a mortgage and want to have the best strategy. Thanks !

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Re: mortgages and private default student loans

I recommend you post this question in the Student Loans or Rebuilding Your Credit sections or ask for it to be moved there.  You may get an answer here, but are much more likely to get one in either of those sections.

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