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April 2016 Check-In Thread

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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

@tricie17 wrote:

Thanks Emeritus.  I needed some clarification to calm down.  So if I pull a report you think it will bounce back.  You would think that with all the noise, this mess would get straighten out.  I will wait it out for month.  A sister has a hard enough time.  Between 4-4-16 to today 4-6-16, exp has my score up 10 pts.

Yeah but I'd just let it sit... sooner or later TU'll get fixed, it's a fairly recent problem (at least to the widespread extent seemingly, been wierdness for a few people since it launched) which hopefully they're working on.

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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

Thanks for the new thread Kenny, and I hope you had a great birthday.


I am still in the garden for April, sitting at 703, and just paying down balances.  I should see a bump next month as I move to lower utilization.


The only major change is that my mortgage company, and their attorney, are trying for the THIRD time to foreclose on my house after two previous suits were dismissed with prejudice.  Their request to re-open the last case was denied by the judge who deemed my mortgage invalid due to a settlement agreement the bank and I signed.

My attorney tells me that there is really no cause for concern, just go through the proceedings, ask for them to pay my attorney fees, and then wait the allotted time before we file for quiet title.  I was never late on my mortgage, they sent my payments back to me, telling me to mail them to another address, and when I finally received the right address, all payments were sent back to me, telling me they had started foreclosure.  I have been dealing with this off an on for NINE years.  Hoping this is the last time.  It has not hit my credit report, and I am hoping it doesn't, but watching closely.


I did pay off two credit cards in March, have five me to go, and no anticipated new debt to be added in the future.

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Current Score: 554,622,669
Goal Score: 750

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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

hey everyone, this is my very first post here. i lurk from time to time.


Last year was my offical step forward to building better credit.


back history.. bought my first car in 2007, was making payments but was not making it a priority and then i stopped paying all together for like 3 months,,, in 08 we had rhe recession so it hit me hard as well.. lost my car.


literally stopped paying all my credit cards. ugh it was horrible. everything went into collections....letters, phone calls..the works.



I literally waited 7 years.. with the exception of a macy's card i settled.



in 2015 everything fell off


2014 i started with both

credit card and a bofa secured card. was banking with bofa at the time. so made it easier

both with limits of 500. i actually put $500 down for bofa, they gave it back later.


was diligently paying both credit cards for 1 year. I then contacted bofa to graduate me to an unsecured credit card.. and it was successful.. i got my $500 deposit back and got a $1000 limit..yay Credit one on the other hand was charging me annual fees and you had to pay for credit limit increase. SO i appied for a cap 1 quicksilver mc and was approved for $300 yay... I then canceled credit one.. i no longer needed it.


No lates, always payed on time and never minimum payments.


I then applied for a chase freedom card 3 months later and was approved for $3500 (july 2015)


yay.. that was the most i ever had! they gave me an auto increase 3months later fo $4500


fast forward... i recently applied for a cli for bofa.. went from 1k to 4k yayy


asked for a cli with chase went from 4.5k - 6k (should of asked for more but i was to chicken)


asked cap one.. althought they did an auto of $200 more making it 500.. they said i need to wait til 6 months from that before i get another increase.. ugh


i applied for a amex everyday card and got approved for 1k ..i am stoked


got a car in 2014.. forgot to mention....



my credit score as of now is...


667 Tu and 642 experian... only because of my huge balance i had before after statement cut off... should be back up after the 12th...


dont know my eqifax at the moment..


any way.. my goal is 750 credit score!!!


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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

March was very successful for me since I had started reading these forums a lot and started understanding all the information.  My Scores jumped from: EQ 605 ->684 (+79), TU 619 ->664 (+45) and EX 616 -> 676 (+60)


I was able to get one collection removed from all three bureaus which made my score jump.  At this point I'm left with only a $922 collection solely on TU but don't want to poke that beast at this time (still in SOLs), and I don't plan on applying for anything else in the immediate future.


I was able to get two $1000 CLI increases on my credit cards and I've dropped my CC balances from $4K to $2K although most of this will report on 4/15 and I should get a decent jump then as my highest card goes from a 99% util to a 49% utilization.  Additionally, I took out an Alliant secured loan of $500 and have it paid down to $45 right now, but it reported on the second day it was open at 75%, so in another month I should see another jump from a "good" installment loan Smiley Tongue


With all this I've already met my initial goal of 675 on two of the three bureaus, and I'm now going for 725+, which might have to be revised again after April is over.


I'm totally shocked by the difference one month (and a lot of work) has made but I feel mostly in control of my credit for the first time ever. And I can safely ignore when my parents start saying that credit is evil.

Starting Score: (3/1/16) EQ/TU/EX 605/619/616
2017 Starting Score: EQ/TU/EX 767/718/749
Current Score (10/8/2017): EQ/TU/EX 811/806/797

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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

Last time I checked in was February and I think I've made some good progress.



 - UTI down to 1%

 - Started making extra payments toward car. $12,014.37 to go.

 - Trying to create plan of attack for student loans. Upside down in a big way.

 - Trying to get Ex-hubs to refinance the house. Still smarting from a 30-day late he incurred on 12/2015.

 - Continuing to garden



April 19

 - Current UTI is still at 1% with less than $125 reporting in credit card debt.

 - Still throwing money at my car loan to get it paid off. The car was purchased 6/2014 and hopefully will be PIF by 9/2016. $9,393.22 to go.

 - Currently working to get some unpaid medical collections paid and removed

 - Creating some more GW letters for old lates. No success with them yet but I'm still trying.

 - Continued working with Ex-hubs to get house refinanced. Discovered that since it's a VA Home Loan, Wells Fargo will let him assume the loan after some minimal paperwork and $50 fee. We are actively working to get this completed.


 - Still really unsure of what to do about my student loans. I initially borrowed $42,333 but I owe just north of $63,000. I'm currently on an IBR but with reading a little about recent changes to student loans/mortgages I feel like I probably need to make a change. Any thoughts/guidance would be appreciated.


 - Still in the garden. I don't think I will app for anything for the rest of the year unless something really significant pops up through a pre-qual.

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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

Hey my name is Shante and hello everyone .I'm new to this group, my question is do this site give out a free credit score check before you subscribe
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Re: April 2016 Check-In Thread

Somehow I missed a payment and although it was only by 5 days and I was able to reverse the late charge.  It didn't report to the credit agencies, but it did bring up the balance and therefore brought my score down a bit.  Just over the past 5 days it went back up to a few points to near where it was before all of this happened, so I'm not too upset.  But it's still a PITA when I'm trying to bring my scores up.  And THANK YOU JESUS for my Experian score for FINALLY budging.  It's been stale for too damn long.

Starting Score: EQ 766 TR 767 EX 754
Current Score: EQ 807 TR 766 EX 750
Goal Score: 800 across the board

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