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April 2018 Check-In Thread

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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread


I am looking forward to May check in too! Would love to see how we do. I will definitely update you once I get (or see) anything about my student loans. Good luck this month!

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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

I'm new here, and once I can add a signature, I'll place the Fico challenge block in it. I'm 3 days into gardening, and in one month went from 92% utilization to 2%. So I will stay on track, and not apply for anything for at least a year, which will probably be the Discover It Chrome card. Interesting that in a little over one month, and with paying off all credit cards (nearly), my TU score went from 574 to 648.
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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

Well, March handed me a mixed bag of outcomes:  I was approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, but that hard pull cost me 8 points on my score, bringing it down to 713, and shortened my already short AAoA.  That point drop, however, was short-lived, because as of today my EX score has bounced up to 727.

I was affraid I wouldn't spend enough in three months to get the CSP sign-up bonus, but I needn't have worried.  Thanks to some upcoming travel for work, I surpassed the $4,000 requirement in a couple of weeks.  Now to pay it off.

In March, and early april, my credit utilization went from 2% to 28%, but today I payed off half of the CSP balance, and the Macy's balance, so I'm currently at about 14%, and within the next two weeks I'll pay off the rest of the CSP, and all my other cards have a zero balance, so I should be in good shape again soon.

The only other card I want to add to my collection is the Amex BCE, and after being approved for the CSP, I no longer pre-qualified for it, but yesterday it popped up when I visited the Amex pre-qual tool, so I'll probably app for that within the next few days.  Then it's to the garden for me.

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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

Checking in!
Started here with a 589, paid off collections and signed up for Lexington law to try to get 5+ Year “$0” credit balances removed (negative remarks). Hoping that $109/mo pays off. Current credit score is 621 (Experian & Transunion) Equifax has remained at 589 (/sigh). According to CreditKarma if I pay off the rest of my balances ($2565) my score may go up to 700 (which is the 2018 goal). My car loan is 20.34% APR and I’m really getting desperate on a refinance to get below 8%, Capital One rejected my pre-qualify app otherwise I’m close to drowning at $350/mo payments. But this month I got aproved for a Discover it secured and a Capital One platinum ($300) and being ULTRA responsible. First time in about 5 years I now have “prime” credits cards without **bleep**ty fees. I have 4 “sub-prime” (almost 30% APRs) Legacy, Firsf Savings, Credit One, Merrick Bank that are 2 yrs old and figuring out if I should just close them and let the prime cards grow. Decisions! But I’m happy where I’m at and hope to push 700 next 3-5mo.
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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

I'm happy to report that my beginning Feb 2017,  I have finally met my goals as of April 2018. (14 months) I was on the cusp last month, shy 5 pts and 1 pt on 2 bureaus. Luckily, I had two credit cards that turned exactly a year old in April, and it bounced me right over my goal. 760 ATB, and met my 760 mortgage back in Feb. I will get a new spade the 15th of this month when my 2 inquiries become unscoreable. Just may get a few more points off those. All of this has been due strictly to the forums, some awesome individuals who are very knowledgeable, to the ones who are also encourgaging and rooting you on. 

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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread


Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

Current Scores

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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

Well April is the month I throw in the towel on my FICO score and take the who cares approach. I dont anticipate needing to borrow, and the uphill battle is too stressful. Another credit card has lowered my credit line by $5000, two days after I successfully got Equifax, the sole holdout, to remove the falsely reported mortgage, late payments and foreclosure.

I have watched my score drop from the mid 700s, to mid 500s, and its now in the mid to low 600s. All due to a company reporting false info. My utilization, due to credit cards either closing my cards with no balance, or decreasing credit lines based on the false info, has taken my utilization from 17% to 46%. I still have zero lates and no derrogitory info on my cards or my car showing on my report.

Why stress out when this is all out of my control. It is a shame the credit reporting agencies take the word of credit companies and make the consumer fight to prove them wrong. The worst part for me financially is that my car insurance rates have almost doubled. Its infuriating.

Good luck to everyone that wants to get your score as high as you can.

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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

Since January and February I made a flurry of progress. Mid-March to current, a standstill. Just trying to stay encouraged that I'm still going in the right direction.
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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while but Im back to  report that Im getting very close to my goal but that darn EXPERIAN is a pain in the you know what ;-0 My Equifax is now a 707, my TransUnion is 678 and my Experian is a 601 (blah). Also Ive been trying to dispute my inquiries from all 3 reports because they are beyond high from car shopping. I am like in the 40s and 50s. However I am happy to report that Equifax has removed all 50 inquiries so now for the particular report I now have 0. So ill take that for now. Definitely cant complain. Things are certainly moving and looking up and im making great progress, maybe not as fast as id like but its ok. This is definitely a learning process. I encourage you all that being consistent, persistant, aggressive and all knowing when it comes to your credit will definitely keep you twirling in the right direction. Patience and perserverance people. God Bless!

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Current Score: EQ707 TR678 EX601
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Re: April 2018 Check-In Thread

Just joining the challenge!


My goals for April specifically are:

  1. set up a budget and system for managing my personal finances ✅ (already done as of Monday but I'm going to put it down just so I can check it off);
  2. set up payment plans for Citibank/Calvary and Verizon. Calvary currently has a judgment against me and Verizon is in collections but neither are reporting yet. I'm hoping to mitigate the chances of them doing so.
Current Cards:
Goal Cards:
EX 8: Jan 2018 - 546 | EQ 8: Jan 2018 - 571 | TU 8: Jan 2018 - 566
EX 8: Feb 2020 - 606 | EQ 8: Feb 2020 - 608 | TU 8: Feb 2020 - 620
TCL: $4,950 | AAoA: 8.9 yrs | Util: 65.3% (high due to charge-offs - I'm working on 'em!)
Cleaning up and rebuilding after a long hiatus from credit
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