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April 2019 Check In Thread

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Re: April 2019 Check In Thread

My scores have been steadily increasing and Credit One has stopped sending me mailers but now I'm getting them from Amex and BBVA Compass for their cards.
I was going to let everything rest for a bit and app for an Amex in the Summer.
With the offers of cards that are good quality and I would probably want to add eventually, should I just bite the HP and take the cards while they're being offered? 🤔
I currently have maybe 3 Inquiries on EQ and TU and 5 on EX.
Starting Score: EX 641 TU 631 EQ 669
Current Score: EX 714 TU 718 EQ 713 (EQ9 735)
Goal Scores: 750

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Re: April 2019 Check In Thread

My rebuild update 45 days success
Thanks again for all the advice

March 7 (rebuild began)

EQ/TU/EX (March 7)
652/644/654. Fico 8
647/610/646 mtg
New scores: (April 18)
682/691/698 Fico 8. (+30/+47/+44)
666/647/658 mtg. (+19/+37/+12)

I paid off a cap 1 CO that was over limit and reporting every month.
I paid down 1 cc to 43% utilization one card at 30% utilization and one at a zero
No success with goodwill on lates

649/647/602 Fico 8
641/613/615 mtg
New scores
696/670/654 Fico 8. (+47/+23/+52)
659/675/664 mtg. (+18/+62/+49)

I paid off three CO student loans and paid off one CO cap1 card reporting every month and got 1 collection removed from EX. No success on goodwill letters for lates.

I’ll keep posting as wife got two cc approval so she now has 3 cc and we can do azeo to get her up higher. She has 0 balance cc so we will get small amt in that

I have 1 new card too and have to get my azeo in place too in next 60 days.
Starting Score: 652/644/654 (March 7) and spouse 649/647/602
Current Score: 725/726/719 (Jan 7 and my spouse is 731/715/721 (Jan 7)
Goal Score: 720

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Re: April 2019 Check In Thread

My current goal is to reach 750.

I plan on remaining in the garden until Mid year of 2020. I’m 6 months into my garden to date. I need to let my Credit age a bit.

After going over my credit report in detail I realize that by 2021-2023 I should have some major stuff fall off of my report.

I’m not where I want to be but I’m most certainly not where I was. I’m still hard at work.
Credit is a lot like a Reputation....It takes 20 years to build it and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

Starting Score: 525
Current Middle Score: 715
Goal Score: 750

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Re: April 2019 Check In Thread

My 2019 year end goal is to hit 700 across the board, and I'm so close I can taste it (EQ 727, TU 704, EX 697)! I'm currently waiting on my last collection (with a balance) to be removed - I did a PFD on 04/09/19 so it should be gone by the end of May... In addition to that I have one collection that has been PIF for years aging off in September.


Once those are gone I will have zero negative accounts listed and I am so excited! I plan to garden for a while to help age my report and build on what I have set as my foundation, although once my EX is cleaned up I will be going for a CLI on my AmEx (opened Feb 2019).

Starting FICO 8 Scores [01/01/17]

Current FICO 8 Scores [03/04/20]

My Progress Thread
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Re: April 2019 Check In Thread

Checking in before this thread closes:

April has been busy and productive.  Overall I have managed to get an extra 36k in cli's this month between Dh and myself....something I never would have tried or known to try before joining this forum.  This has helped our utl% tremendously and scores reflect that.

Hope everyone here has had success in their rebuild, hope April was good to you and hope it keeps going all of our way. Cheers!Smiley Wink

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