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April 2020 Check In Thread

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Re: My Re: April 2020 Check In Thread

I feel like I am back on track, took a slight downturn when I had to use my cards for a few emergencies, utlization was close to 70%, now I am down to around 40% decreasing each month as our "house arrest" starts.. Yesterday all 3 of my scores topped 670 for the first time in many, many years.. I need to get better at gardening, but has been two months since I added 2 new cards (Target Red and Walmart MC), but my new credit section of the scoring model is in the poor range so need thn INQ to age off..


Right now I have two cards with a balance:


Venture One $2450/$3500

Discover  $850/$1250


Hopefully by end of May I can get those both lowered..

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Re: My Re: April 2020 Check In Thread

Good Bye April 2020, you were the absolute cr@ppest April ever (Covid-19).  

Look forward to May 2020 :

May you all stay well/recover

May Frontline get some rest

May your reports/scores/& more be solid



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