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April 2021 Check In Thread

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April 2021 Check In Thread

 I know you are all hard at work with your
 credit goals.  Have you progressed as far as
 you hoped?  Were there any unforeseen
 expenses that cropped up and may have
 thrown you off schedule?


 As a reminder, participation in these monthly
 check-ins is optional but encouraged. The
 goal is to help keep you on track, so feel
 free to post your progress updates here.
 This is a no-judgment zone; feel free to
 say what's keeping you up at night or give
 yourself a Kudo for having it all together.


 Did you hit any potholes or speedbumps?
 Achieve some milestones, either small or
 mighty? Change your goals/add new ones



 Let us know how you're

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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

Looking for a few posters to liven up the springy month of April! We remember that "April showers bring May flowers".

What is your outlook for this new month? Tell us here. Smiley Happy
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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

I am looking forward to owning property in the near future. Right now I am concentrating on paying off collections. I have come a long way on this journey and have seen significant gains but rather concentrate on these gains, I will continue my payoff journey. I am itchin for a cc since it has been maybe a year or two since getting one. I am trying to be strong but reading this Forum makes it hard.

Starting Score: 544
Current Score: 661
Goal Score: 700

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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

ALL 28 scores went up. All of them are the highest they've been since I've been tracking.

I'm at about 5% aggregate utilization on credit cards and still going down. But my only loan will be paid off in a few months. Trying to get the car I want before that happens and drops my scores. Get the car loan just before the personal loan is paid off.


             11/28/20  12/28/20  01/28/21  02/27/21  03/28/21


FICO 8 Eq      680       696       713       730       731
FICO 8 TU      727       713       729       748       752
FICO 8 Ex      701       718       731       738       740


FICO 9 Eq      700       709       745       764       768
FICO 9 TU      726       714       733       759       770
FICO 9 Ex      724       704       738       747       760


FICO 5 Eq      691       702       706       721       726
FICO 4 TU      725       735       736       741       749
FICO 2 Ex      694       728       726       725       729


FICO 5A Eq     681       689       692       706       710
FICO 4A TU     733       743       744       748       757
FICO 2A Ex     694       725       724       731       735


FICO 8A Eq     666       678       701       723       724
FICO 8A TU     709       697       712       733       738
FICO 8A Ex     699       709       723       731       733


FICO 9A Eq     685       690       727       754       761
FICO 9A TU     712       700       719       748       759
FICO 9A Ex     722       694       729       738       752


FICO 8B Eq     663       679       695       717       720
FICO 8B TU     728       712       739       763       767
FICO 8B Ex     698       716       738       748       758


FICO 5B Eq     703       713       722       742       749
FICO 4B TU     729       732       730       735       753
FICO 2B Ex     699       727       722       718       724


FICO 3B Ex     694       705       725       732       748


FICO 9B Eq     698       706       749       772       776
FICO 9B TU     728       716       737       771       782
FICO 9B Ex     719       703       741       754       767


More green every month.

EQ8 778, TU8 771, EX8 770 as of June 14
AZE3 - 1% Utl - New Accts: 2/6, 3/12, 7/24
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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

Thank you @mgood I am close to your scores just trying to march a little more up that hill. I was at 14% utility however it looks like Equifax is following TU and have removed MJC from my report causing my utility to hit 48%. Now to see what Exp does. 

Starting Score: 544
Current Score: 661
Goal Score: 700

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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

My TransUnion and Experian went up to  680 and 687 when I lowered my utilization to 12%. My Equifax doesn't want to move for some reason. I'll be down to 2-5% this month and we'll see what happens. 
Loving the journey I'm on so far though!


'what gets measured,gets managed'

Experian- 749
Equifax- 758
Transunion- 735

“Whatever gets Measured, Gets Managed”
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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

@Anonymous wrote:
We remember that "April showers bring May flowers".

Yeah, and "In like a Lion, out like a Lamb".....sick of the pollen blowing straight up my nose @ 40 mph!   Hopefully credit will be calmer.

I woke up this morning with Wallethub alerting me to my oldest Chase card (closed-AU) being removed from my cr.  Boo and Hiss! circa 2001

It didn't even phase my fako's, waiting for MF to notify. (finger, toes, eyes crossed)


Hope everyone is doing well or at least doing better.  Inch by inch...

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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

Here @Kenny 🌈🌼🌻🌷🌺🏵️🐞⛈️🌦️🌈

Thank you!  @Anonymous how those windows performing? 😁

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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

Happy Spring & April to all!


Second quarter of the year, new season, new beginnings for me. I finally finished my app spree and it's into the garden I go! I have 3 baddies on my credit... 1) LVNV - on 2 bureaus, I will dispute first for inaccuracies. 2) Capital One Auto - Scheduled to age off November 2020 or 3/2022 depending on which CB you ask... so I'm waiting that bad boy out... and 3) MoneyLion- I will dispute for inaccuracy...


Other than that I am doing great! My IBR on my SL approved for the next year and I just found out I may be eligible for forgiveness. Have enough new accounts that I can manage, keeping my reporting utilization under 20% whenever possible but aiming for 9%, and building my payment history. I am also almost a full billing statement into my NFCU nRewards (looking forward to that journey; my goal is a 5 digit card or 2 by October!).


Best of luck to all and I will be updating and lurking as usual. Smiley Tongue


Be well and remember today is a gift that's why it's called the present!

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Re: April 2021 Check In Thread

Happy April!


I made a little progress these past two months, but not much. 


My Equifax increased from 667 back to 675 

My Transunion stayed the same at 657

My Experian decreased from 665 to 653 Smiley Sad


A couple of very old good-standing accounts fell off which caused some changes to my report and a decrease in my Experian score.  I also finally got my student loans reporting on my Experian report which changed the dynamic of my report as well.  As things have been pretty stagnant, I thought maybe it was time for another card to get things moving again...but now I'm afraid I may have jumped the gun a little. I've seen lots of people on the forums have success with PenFed, so I applied this morning for the PCR. It's still under review, and now when I look at more posts on myFico, of course, I'm seeing denials left and right lol. So yeah...I'll just wait and see what transpires.  It's only one wasted HP if I'm denied...and I'll know to wait until after my 1 yr discharge mark (end of June) before seeking further credit.  


In other news, my discover card still has not there's that too (which causes me some heartburn). 


On other fronts, I've continued to save a good amount of money, which I'm happy about; I'm hoping it'll help when I need to get a car later this year.  

Starting FICO 8: 6/2020: EX 546 - TU 507 - EQ 596
Current FICO 8: 11/2022: EX 695 - TU 676 - EQ 680
2021 Goal Score: EX 690 - TU 690 - EQ 690

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