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April Check In Thread

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Re: April Check In Thread


both are experian, and both are freeSmiley Happy


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Re: April Check In Thread

I increased my Fico score 84 points this month! However, trying to increase my credit limits has been near impossible. It has been very frustrating. Getting the student loan companies to report correctly on my credit report has also been a huge challenge. My goals for April are to get both of those things done and continue to get my score up!

Starting Score: 522(2/24/13)
Current Score: 675(4/3/13)
Goal Score: 750

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Re: April Check In Thread

So this is actually my first month in the fitness challenge. It's really encouraging to see so many people in the same boat and working towards good credit.


This month I achieved my goals by


  • Getting all three credit reports
  • Getting my FICO score (just Experian for now; not concerned with all three right now)
  • Sending out DV letters to 5 CAs - really sketchy ones, too and fully expect these to come off
  • Disputing an old joint responsibilty judgment that I know has been resolved and was not marked as such
  • Getting approved for 2 secured CCs (Wells Fargo & Capital One)
  • Making it past the halfway mark in my student loan rehabilitation

So I am very happy. Looking forward to what happens with the dispute and the DV letters.

Starting Score '14: 638
Current Score '14: 651
Goal Score '14: 700

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Re: April Check In Thread

Hi all!


I've been lurking for a looong time, but finally decided to get in-gear and start working to improve my credit scores. My wife and I are hoping to buy a house soon (late summer), but things aren't looking too great right now. I'm going to be doing some serious work over the next few months, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


My goals for April are:


  • Pay off all my CAs (a trickier job than it sounds...I can barely track down the current owners of some of the accounts!)
  • Bring credit utilization back under 30% (currently > 85%)
  • Start disputing some old, paid-off accounts in hopes of getting the tradelines removed from my reports

Nice to "meet" you all!

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Re: April Check In Thread

I'm finally getting back on track this month.  My credit score is slowing creeping back towards 600. I am currently at 572, in february it dropped down to 541. My credit utilization is still high at 40%, but I'm slowly, but surely getting my utilazation down.  I am feeling encouraged with my progress and although its baby steps I am happy with this progress!  

Starting Score: 548
Current Score: 601
Goal Score: 725

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Re: April Check In Thread

How does the shopping cart trick work?

Starting Score: (4/20/2013)TU659, EX 622, EQ 592
Current Score:
Goal Score: 750

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Re: April Check In Thread

Joining the party here!


After a devastating one-two punch in 2011 of a job loss where I didn't get unemployment and a cancer diagnosis while on COBRA, the universe had a sense of humor and bestowed a high risk pregnancy two months after my surgery to remove the cancer! Finally, I am getting to a place where I am not on the fiscal edge of oblivion and can focus on getting my financial house in order.


2013 Goals:


Finish rehabilitating my student loans

Pay down credit cards to 9% utilization

Pay or settle all collections accounts

Pay all bills on time


Progress to Date:


Student loans out of rehab, picked up by a new lender, still no updates on the credit reports.

One credit card paid off ($500 CL), second credit card will be paid off end of month ($500 CL), third credit card balance $650 ($750 CL) should be paid off by June.

Two medical collections paid, CAs would not accept PFD so sent first round of GW letters out.

Payment arrangement on a school collection that does not report as long as I make payments.

All bills paid on time Smiley Happy

Contributing 3% of my salary to 401K


Up Next:

Continue paying on third credit card to get it down to 9% util.

Save up to pay/settle a credit card chargeoff and another collection.

Wait for student loan tradelines to update to reports reflecting no longer in default.





Current Score: TU: 674 | EQ: 722 | EX: 717 | Last Inq. 2/16/15...Locked Up in The Garden
NFCU Cash Rewards $14K | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5K | Amex Blue Cash Preferred $6K | Cap1 Quicksilver One Visa $9K

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Re: April Check In Thread

Greetings!  New to the group but excited to be here!


I started my crusade to repair earlier this year, I pulled my reports in December and saw what a mess each one was. TU was by far the worst, with over 20 collection accounts, many in error, and most double jeopard, with 1 collection account posted as many as 6 times by several different CA. A majority of these will pass 7.5 years since date of delinquency and last activity by mid-2014. UGH.


I've laid low the last few years, not pulling any inquiries or new accounts, nada...had the reverse negative result of actually lowering my overall score as I only had my car as an active account in good standing.  Unfortunately, that will be paid off end of this year, which means I will have no active/open account and no activity for years.  No loans, credit cards, line of credit, etc.  Found so much helpful information on this forum!!!


I want to buy a house next year, and I qualify for VA Home Loan, but the bank requires minimum 625 score to be considered. So I started by opening a secured card with US Bank for $1,500, this helped almost immediately. That inspired me to get diligent, and do more to really get this thing into shape.


I started with a few of the accounts that were just plain wrong, sending a few letters to OC that collections for accounts belonging to my ex-husband (I was an AU, divorced since 2007). That resulted in a jump on Experian about 30 points! Smiley Happy


As of this weekend, I am on a mission for 2013:


Improve scores into the 650 range

Remove all inaccurate, outdated information on credit report

Convert secured US Bank card to regular w/increased limit

Pay off my car, and puchase new one with better interest rate


Looking forward to it!!


Starting Score: TU507 EX551 EQ574
Current Score: TU 533 EX 542 EQ 605
Goal Score: 700+

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Re: April Check In Thread

I just signed up for the challenge, even though I've been obsessively looking at my scores since I started paying off all my old debts.


Just jumped up to 708 after an old Chase card that was closed on me ended up getting paid off.  I'm still waiting for a $1,600 and a $2k balance on cards that I just paid to disappear from my report.  Their statement closing dates are coming up next week!   Can't wait until I get the ScoreWatch reports for those!


I'm also contemplating writing GW letters to two one-time missed payments on...but does that make a difference to AMEX?

Starting Score: 621 TU
Current Score: 621 TU
Goal Score: 700

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Re: April Check In Thread

Hello every one,

  This is my first time doing this .....not to sure how it all goes but gonna wing it any way Smiley Happy I have started on the journey to aggressively trying to to improve my credit and purchase a home. Right now I have a fico score of 570 , 592 and not sure of the top of my head what the third is. I hope to pull my credit up far enough to get financing by the end of the summer ( fingers crossed ) I have payed credit cards to $0 balance and paid collections that I had on my report. It has also been over a year since my late auto loan. I can't seem to do anything else to it to have enough of inpact to give it a bump up.....kind of at a Lull ! I could sure use some advice or suggestions from anyone that might have gone through something similar....PLEASE ! Thanks

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