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August 2015 Check In Thread

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Just tending cards, taking advantage of 0%, earning rewards, sorta in stuck score mode. My installment loan hits 80% next month, waiting to use my promo code for 3b scores until September or October. FAKO's went up a couple weeks ago.
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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Checking in for August.  Just moved back into our home after renting it out for the last 3 years.  I have some work ahead of me for sure getting my home back into shape.  Painting walls, cleaning, etc.  Found out renters had a leaking toilet in our finished basement that caused some damage.  Wish they could have told me before.  I was going to remodel it later but guess I have to get it done sooner.  My score edged up a little for the month but not quite to my overall goal.  

Current Score: EQ:829 (9/8/17) TU:819 (9/8/17) EX:821 (9/18/17)
Goal Score: 825 across the board
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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Checking in today. I left the garden to buy a new car that I had been researching. I needed to buy while my scores were high as new accounts were beginning to have an effect. I am now happily in the garden for at least six months, probably a year to let those inquiries age.

Daily Drivers: Penfed Platinum Rewards; NFCU GoRewards; Discover..
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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Well it seems as though my score always wants to change once I post up an update haha. 


As of this morning, I achieved my first goal. 600 across everything. I know, 600 is a crappy score and I am embarassed by it, but it's going up and I am glad.



EQ - 628

TU - 615

EX - 616



Quick question. Say that a hard inquiry falls off, will I get a notification about it, or does it just happen? 


I really don't know why my score is raising with such huge jumps at a time (like 22 points one month and 16 the next). All I'm doing is paying everything on time which is what I should be doing, but still. 


Starting Score: 569
Current Score: EQ612, TU615, EX594
Goal Score: 650+ Across The Board

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Haven't checked in since March thread but we are plugging along on my stuff and the Mrs.


Growth in score from March:

637   Fair   FICO® Score 8 based onEquifax data as of 3/18/2015 .............................647 as of 8/18/15 (EQ hates me)
638   Fair   FICO® Score 8 based onTransUnion data as of 3/13/2015......................711 as of 8/17/15
645   Fair   FICO® Score 8 based onExperian data as of 3/18/2015...........................682 as of 8/17/15
Since March have added some accounts that we want to grow with time:
  Barclays Apple   $2,000   (just wanted in with Barclay so I can plan PC later and move this line into a great card)
  BoA 99/500  (again, want back in with BoA they were good to us in the past and our past hx with them is ok, once we get our CR cleaned up they should be great)
  Camping World Visa  $1,000
  Capital One QS $ steps ended me with 2 cards @ 1300 each.  Just closed one, combining the limit to one QS
  Amex ED $500 (eh, its an in)
  NFCU $5500 CashRewards and $4000 PLOC (can't wait to grow with Navy)
  USAA MC $1500
  Harley Davidson Motorcycle loan
Store Cards:  Overstock   J Crew   Eddie Bauer
STEPS:  Have had a lot of old baddies fall off and this still needs to be done
1) Have 2 tax liens the accountant is working on getting vacated.
2) Have a judgement from old business that should fall off Feb 2015 and has not been revived
3) Equifax has a collection from Midland :   should fall off 10/2015 -  of course other did EE
4) Old CapOne CO ;  off TU with dates not lining up on EQ and EX :  EQ just suddenly chg to Jan 2016 ;  while EX shows 11/15 and TU is deleted
5) Some old lates from 2010and prior Mrs trying to GW.
1 - Get the above removed and cleared up.....and the Mrs is working on GWs for some old lates from 2010 back.
2 - Evaluate Cards and desired Cards around the holidays probably.  
   -  DEFINITE: Grow current relationships with NFCU.......Barclays.....Amex......BoA......Good Sam (we do camp so its worth it)
   -  REVIEW:   Next NFCU
                          Next Barclays card to go for next after 6 months history with them...will combine as not really interested in Apples Rewards just wanted to build a rapport with Barclay for the future growth.
                           Chase - break thru when scores are better and history cleaner.......probably eying Freedom - CSP once I can get in.  Still not there.
3 - Close Credit One.
My Mrs is managing us both:  She went for more lines and did end up with bigger CLs and more TLs ;  tried opposite strategy with me to compare the effectiveness.
Since November she has $135k in available credit (from 0) and I have almost $60k (from 0) so we are plugging along.
Refi is the end goal - she says by next summer -  so scores and cleanest report possible is the goal for that.
Looking foward to seeing how clean we can be by year from the time we first looked back at our CRs!

Starting Score: EQ 588 TU 565 EX 602
Current Score: 3/15: EQ 608 TU 616 EX 630 ; 8/17/15 EQ 647 TU 711 EX 682
Goal Score: 750

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Fingerhut $500->1k CapOneQS 2600: CreditOne 500: Boa 99/500: Barclay Apple 2k; C1 Spark 500: Eddie Bauer 500; Overstock 1800; JCrew 1050: GoodSamMC 1000; NFCU CashRwds 5500: NFCU PLOC 4000; USAA MC 1500
AU: Kay 6k USAA 1.5k Cap1 Spark:1500 Lowes 12k: Amex PRG; Walmart 5k; JCP 5k
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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

I have been rebuilding mine and ny husband's credit for over a year now and things are starting to seem pretty hopeless!


We each have several low-limit credit cards that we use responsibly.  There are only two medical bills on my credit as derogatory.  I still am under 600 and am not elegible for any type of 'bad credit' loan.  I am looking into trying to finance a vehicle with terribly high interest rates now, just to have an installment loan on my credit.  It was told to me by Springleaf that my lack of a large loan is preventing me from obtaining new credit?


I don't know what else I could do to increase my score, and we are kind of at a dead halt.



Starting Score: 568
Current Score: 572
Goal Score: 775

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Paid off two very small cards today! Victoria's Secret and Car Care One....both did not have much of a balance compared to my other cards but it still feels good seeing that 0.00 balance Smiley Happy Planning for 3 more cards to be paid off by December - Rooms to Go, Target, and a USBank Reserves account (already closed). Plus I'm challenging myself to get through the Christmas season without charging anything! I will have a budget and i plan to stick to it. 

Starting Score: 641
Current Score: 680
Goal Score: 730

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Happy 2 be here.... still paying down the 0% ers I have...doing Apr. red. and no HP cli's...............will be more of same
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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

I had paid 3 Premier Credit Cards, and boy, I am happy I did! My score went up nicely. I made the mistake of paying a collection account at a settlement amount without getting a promisary note first ... now it shows with just a balance. Get a "deletion for pay" letter before you pay ... my biggest mistake yet! A lesson learned I suppose.

And pay the balance in full, if you can, every month ... try not to carry one. I tried the "carry a small balance" way ... it worked, but not that much ... then I paid them in full ... and the jump was huge! 

June '15 - Eq: 604 Ex: 604 TU: 579
August '15 Eq: 713 Ex: 630 TU: 637
Goal 700
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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

My Equifax score of 844 dropped to 790 when my car lease paid out and I leased a new car.  No other changes.

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