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August 2015 Check In Thread

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

I have not checked in since May.  Things have been pretty good.  I refinanced my mortgage which lowered my monthly payment by $150 and received 5 new credit cards with SL totaling $16,200.  I have also received CLI totaling $4900.  Feeling pretty good right now.Smiley Happy 

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Checking in way late.  This have been one crazy month.  We bought a house and I acquired  some new cards.  Now it's time to sit back and let my scores heal.   

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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

Hello everyone - 


First time post / check-in! I'm relatively new to rebuilding credit. Stumbled upon this gem of website a few days ago. I'm discovering a lot of great information while having fun at the same time. My long term goal is to earn an 850 credit score. Short term is to reach at least 715 befor this year 2015 is over.  Thank you in advance for all of your help. 


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Re: August 2015 Check In Thread

August is almost over and trying to stay on track with $4000 tuition for my daughter and ~$700 for books just paid. But still working part time to offset those costs and determined to pay off the credit cards by December and cross over the fence to the 800 mile club. Still sitting at 796 and chipping away at balances while managing to still save a little in my TSP.

Good Luck everyone. End of Fiscal year usually means out of money but so far so good!




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Current Score: EQ @ 796 | EX @ 759 | TU @ 795 | As of August 29, 2015
Goal Score: 800

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