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August 2019 Check In Thread

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New Member

Re: August 2019 Check In Thread--Big increase

I applied for a loan on June 24th of this  year and discovered that my middle mortgage score was 661.  I was upset because I thought the FICO8 score was the one they used and it was a 710.  Well it is not.  So, I held off on the loan and did my research on here and followed everyone's advice.  In a total of 6 weeks, here are the changes in my scores:  Equifax Fico8: 718/778 with a Fico5 of 661/753; TransUnion: Fico--717/782 with Fico 4 of 711/774; and Equifax of FICO8--718/776 and FICO2 of 661/747.  My middle mortgage score went from a 661 to a 753!!!  Huge difference in interest rates.  The primary factor was credit usage on credit cards.  I paid them off.  Thanks for all of the advice guys.

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

@CramEiko wrote:

@LauraC wrote:

@CramEiko wrote:

I did get a few sp CL bumps today on 3 lines for a total of $16,300  in bumps. Thank you BoA and Citi. 


Wow! I'll be glad when I can get those kind of bumps. Congrats!!!!

@LauraC - It's been a long time. Request a CLI from Citi every 6 months or so. This time I asked them after 7 months (7mo 3days). BoA is a strange cookie IMHO*** - I really dislike the APR% on my card but It's growing nicely. Maybe in 6 mo I'll request an APR drop. Has anyone had any luck with an APR drop with BoA?


Good Luck Everyone!

Another bombshell just hit. Thankfully on the SP Plus side of bombshells.... If anyone has PenFed, check your offers. You may or may not be getting a nice surprise. I am still trying to recover from  SP CLI shock!



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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread--Big increase

Now my Fico 8 is: Equifax: 792, TransUninion 787, and Experian is 776.  I cannot say thank you enough to this group for absolutely sound advice.  

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Current Score:792
Goal Score:850

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

First time posting in the Fitness Challenge.


Overall, very dissatisfied with the scores I retrieved today. I know it's majorly because of my credit utilization, which is above 100%. DW and I are expecting a fairly large windfall gain here this month. All of it will be going to paying off credit cards. If all goes the way I think it will, we should be CC debt free by the end of December 2019. With no payments to worry about, this could give DW and I to get a decent nest egg up to where we want it to be.


DW graduates with her bachelor's in December, and plans to get a Masters. (We're both 21 years old). We still have some time, but will be planning a move near March 2020, after she graduates and (fingers crossed) gets accepted to a Masters program. That move is another thing we'll need to save up for. I'm optimistic about the future.

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

My FAKO vantage scores always roll in first in a new month - and they are at 795.      I'm tracking my F8.    Recently the FAKO has been trailing the FICO but there was a large jump when going from 13% util to 11% util.    


Next score to report is my F9.  

F8's are still 10+ days out......    Not expecting my goal yet but should be crossing into the 790's ( i think, i hope)


Good luck y'all.

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

So far so good. Trying to carve out a good budget considering new house! Just paid my first mortgage payment (Woo-hoo). But getting set up etc is costly. Still plugging along to not get myself back in serious debt
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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

I have to wait until the end of the month and everything reports to see if any increase.   BUT......I have never ever ever received anything other than subprime CC offers as far as pre-qualifying apps.  I have four rebuilder cards, so I am waiting until my scores are good enough for a card I can grow with.   But today I received this when I went on their site.  It has a big annual fee, so not interested.  But is this a solid offer?  If so, my spirits have been lifted as I feel like I'm going nowhere this month scorewise.  And I'm sick of the horrible bottom-of-the-barrel credit card offers coming in the mail.  It is depressing.   


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