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August 2019 Check In Thread

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

@Camps wrote:

I am, as the kids say, "in my feelings" every day thinking about it. 


The good thing is that I should be in a position to pay off at least $3000 of debt in the next 3 months. I'll report back in September.

I like that saying.  Good luck and can't wait to hear about your progress. 

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

@Anonymous wrote:
Well ... it was time and my closed account dating back to 2001 and closed in 2009 dropped from the credit bureaus and my AAoA went to 14 years. Waiting for the other shoe to drop on my Fico 8 Scores. So far they have held?

I'll be curious to see what it does.  Hoping not too much.

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

So freaking get this.....I am slipping backwards as my final scores for the month roll in ....  Why?


Some old postive accounts just aged off my reports - with another one about to fall away.    It's pulling down my AAoA.


F8's are dropping from 784 to 781.    AAARRRRGHHHHHHH       


I want my 3 points back.   


Anyhoo.... when next month's scores roll in I will AZEO with 8% util and the one card at 48%.   I'm curious to see how going from 10/11% util to 8 will be reflected in my scorring.


Here comes fall.   Get your pumpkin on !!!

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Re: August 2019 Check In Thread

Well, it's August 31, and all balances have updated from car loan, credit cards (which is always just one percent on one card), and charge-off payment down another $200 to now balance owed $1366.  I was a little disheartened this  month to not see my Experian FICO score increase at  all.  But today I decided to pull all three scores.  I'm glad I did.  My TransUnion and Equifax scores increased by four points since my last 3-Bureau report of July 25.  So I was very happy to see improvement on those two scores.  I really need to work on getting a paid collection removed from  all three scores.  I am going to work on that this weekend.  Although, I've said for a couple of months I'm going to write letters on that, and I haven't.  But to get improvement on my scores, I need to get the charge-off finally completely paid off and get that collection removed off of my report through goodwill, if possible. 


So as it stands now, I'm at:   Experian - 638,  Equifax - 621, TransUnion - 622.     Transunion is always two weeks behind, though, on how they update payments as far as my charge-off amount.    So it's still not reflecting the new balance of $1366.

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