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December Check In Thread

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Re: December Check In Thread

I am new to the myFICO Fitness Challenge, but I've been working on fixing and rebuilding since 2013.


Just like most, irresponsible with CCs, thought it was best to be cash only, and a lot of medical collections from 2012 on my report. Then husband and I thought we needed a new car and the realization hit us that we need credit (I know, DUH!). I did a lot of research with this site and others at the end of 2012 to clean reports and also opened a Credit Union checking (my life saver). By June of 2013 started on the credit repair and getting medical collections off using the WhyChat way (another life saver!). Obtained my first CC in almost 10 years with the Credit Union (at a 13% interest) with a starting limit of $500 and purchased my first ever brand new car through the Credit Union by November of 2013 with a 9.99% interest (high, but better than the 18% some were offering).


In 2014 and after almost a year of on time car payments, and paying CC in full every month I decided to plant more seeds in my garden so I went CC seed shopping and obtained a Walmart store card - $400 limit, Capital One Quicksilver One - $300, Amazon Rewards Visa - $1000, Care Credit - $800, PayPal Smart Connect - $600 and upped my $500 limit on my Credit Union CC to $1000. I planted my seeds in October and now I am going to water, feed and care for them to help build a good credit portfolio.


Also note I have two baddies left on all my CR's that will fall off in 2015 (Hip Hip Hooray!) I didn't bother fighting those because they will fall of very soon!


My goals for 2015 is to help my seeds become beautiful flowers in my garden to obtain my goal of a mid 700 score and also raise my limits on all CCs.


My goals for 2016 is to continue caring for my beautiful garden so my husband and I can FINALLY become home owners with that prime interest rate!


My June 2013 starting FICO scores were EQ 569, TU 502 & EX FAKO 562.


My Current December 2014 FICO scores are EQ 642, TU 633 (over 100 points!!!) & EX 618 (two paid medical collections they refuse to remove)


I am VERY proud of all I have accomplished in just a year and a half of starting my journey and I am very much looking forward to becoming home owners in 2016!  I have learned that everyone sees you as a number, credit is important and not to abuse it.


***Also note that I have been working on my husbands as well and all his baddies (I decided not to fight, which are 5) will fall off next year! I was finally able to obtain his FICO scores, which are not as great as mine, but I know once the baddies fall off and we continue to use credit wisely they will only get better!


Husbands current scores:  EQ 589, TU 598 & EX 577 We are not worried about the current low scores!  We planted seeds, weeds will be pulled in 2015, flowers will be blooming and hopefully by 2016 his scores will hit our prime interest on our first home!


Starting Score Average: EQ 569 TU 501 EX 562
Current Score: EQ 667 TU 757 EX 656
Goal Score Average: 800 Across the board

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Re: December Check In Thread

We haven't done too bad this year as it looks as though we will round out the year some where near the 690's as we are currently sitting at 684.  We have been gardening up until the first of November when we decided to take out a loan from our credit union for a new cargo trailer for some desprately needed equipment storage.  With careful planning we were able to secure a price that was near   wholesale and scored a $6500 dollar loan, which the credit union was more than glad to make on such a well priced trailer, its a modest  loan but very satisfying!  Smiley Very Happy   We are in planning to pay down a remaining car loan ($2500) and eliminate our currnet CC balance by January with the intent of house shopping!  

Starting Score: Experian 627 TU 652 Quizzle na DW 634
Current:Equifax: 698TU: 659Experian: 690
Goal Score: 700 +
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Re: December Check In Thread

Going to end 2014 in the garden. I need to let some inquiries drop off, let my cc and my loan age a bit, and make more on time payments before I apply for anything else. My biggest accomplishment has been finally getting credit history. Yes, it's very new. Like newborn baby new. But I actually do have some credit history. I've been responsible paying my student loan, Discover gave me the secured card counter offer and I of course jumped at it. So, these past few months have been great. My Discover card should hopefully arrive today, I'm super excited. Cannot wait to build my credit.

Gardening: 12/17/14 - 7/01/15
Wallet: Discover it Chrome Secured - $200 CL
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Re: December Check In Thread

i've been bad about checking in all year. my scores haven't changed much since i joined in early 2013. since then, i completed a Ch13, bought 2 badly needed cars, got a secured BofA Visa which graduated and got a small CL raise, and got 2 store cards (Kohls and Torrid). i did notice on my 3 bureau report today that Citimortgage reported erroneously to Equifax and Experian (long story, has to do with our current (not arrears) payments that we make and have been making all along) so i need to clear that up. what a pain, but that's why we check these reports. Smiley Happy i'm looking forward to gardening in 2015 and putting more distance between myself and the BK discharge. 

Ch13 filed 3/2009 : discharged 1/2014
Starting 2/16/2013:
EQ673 TU667
Current 6/3/2018: EX816 EQ806 TU820
Goal: 850

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