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February 2019 - Check-in Thread

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Nothing new to report for February. Things start to get exciting for me next month.  I applied for cards starting in March of last year, and finished in June. In addition to my accounts reaching 1 year next month, I have two inquiries that will become unscorable. 


Goal Cards

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

I planned on gardening until July, but walked out of home Depot with 500$ so, reconned in the car to $2000. I'm happy since if I have to I can let some money sit with the 0 Apr for 6 months over $250.
People say Lowe's is better and easier to get a higher sl... I almost want to get that too!
But I know I should let my aaoa grow...
Starting Score: 520(February/18) all 3
Current Score: 695 ex 698 tu, 690eq all fico
Goal Score: 750

Cap1 platinum- 500, 3/18
Cap1 qs-500-6/18
Disco- 2000-5/18
Walmart-200 12/18, Home depot- 2000 2/19
Loans paid closed 1 auto 6/18
1 personal 12/18( closed)
Active loans-
Refi -dcu2.74 Auto 6/18
Personal dcu-1/19
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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

I've been doing a good job of staying on top of my bills and working towards paying off my credit card debt. At the moment, I only have about $1500 left, which I intend to have paid off by the end of April. 

Starting Score: 500
Current Score: 500
Goal Score: 650

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Just starting. I'm a newb. My credit currently sucks:
EQ: 579, TU: 588 and EX: 624

Target goal is 700 across the board by end of 2019! Is this feasible? Anyone else improve this rapidly?

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Its official, WE Energies is pulling its reporting from my credit reports. The collection company is gone from all three and I just noticed we energies is also no longer reporting to EX and EQ. Just waiting for TU to update with we energies off as well. I'm so happy my goodwill letter worked. Thank you WE Energies!

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Where do you find mortgage score at?


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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

@Credit_Mama wrote:

Where do you find mortgage score at?


You can find it when you purchase the FICO 3b report on myfico here. Its under additional fico scores. I also get my experian mortgage score from experian with a membership purchase. 

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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

2019 is shaping up to be a really awesome year thus far. I was accepted to the university and program I wanted, so academically awesome. Taking out a student loan bumped credit score a bit. Paid off a baddie. That bumped score, too. Credit score up to 489. Yay!
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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Checking in for February, 


I am new here but I know that my credit rating and report needs some work. I lost my job in June of 2018 and had to take a job that paid a lot less so moved some credit around and now I am paying the price. A little background I moved here from Canada in 2013 and had my first credit card by 2014 and only had one for about a year and then I randomly applied for an Amex card via the credit karma app. From there I applied for other cards over the years. My Amex card was my go to and before long I was at a balance of $7,000. I decided to get a personal loan when the interest came in 18 months after I opened the card. I got the loan and paid a majority of the stuff off. My interest was less than that Amex card but still high so 7 months later I got another loan and paid that first loan off and paid the rest of my accounts off. I got a interest rate 5% lower this time around. 


Things were going okay until I was let go from my job and I had to do something and I did a balance transfer for $5000 on a card I was saving for a rainy day. The Promo APR is going to expire at the end of the year but I have not paid a lot of that transfer off. So I am now dealing with a large credit card debt load with this personal loan. I have a good amount of credit and checked my fico scores today to see where I am at for real and it is higher than I expected. However, I am now looking at a way to get this debt cleaned up once and for all. 


Any tips for a newbie would be great. 


My debt utilization is at 24% all around but some cards are a lot higher so thoese are the cards I would like to focus one more, is that reasonable. 




Ps how does everyone add their signatures with thier cards and their scores and make it look so nice? 


Working on paying off debts, and getting a house by 2022. In the garden until then.
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Re: February 2019 - Check-in Thread

Just checking in. Making progress towards that 700 score. I have one baddie left on my report, hopefully I can get it remvoed sometime in the next couple of months. Overall I have been working for my credit, not allowing my credit to work me. No substatial changes as of yet in 2019.

Starting Score: TU 536, EQ 563, EX 554
Current Score: TU 692, EQ 691, EX 691
Goal Score:725 Across The Board

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